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  1. Haerangil
    A - crist, cleaver-sword b - falqan, falchion c - yausta, epee, slender smallsword or sabre d - hyando, cleaver e - lango, cut&thrust sword f - lhang, backsword or cutlass g- Andamacil, long sword...
  2. Haerangil
    A - falcon/twybill b- megil/ bastard sword c- ectha |stabbing sword D- E-tagula / heavy woodman's axe f-naica /multi purpose knife-Dagger g /h- thacol nandorian axe
  3. Faelivrin
    This shows the way different storylines overlap in time after the Fifth Battle. New version.
  4. MithLuin
    Yeah, I'm not entirely sure why we didn't include Ingwion; I just know that he hasn't been introduced yet, and every time Ingw√ę has been discussed, his family consists of a daughter and a...
  5. Faelivrin
    Thanks so much! :) I decided to work it out starting from what I consider "canon", knowing that not all of that would be the same in SilmFilm, because this is also for my personal use/fun. I'm...

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