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    Divine Action

    I think @DolorousStroke makes a good point. We ask these questions of Tolkien's world because we ask these questions of the primary world. Is that what you're saying?
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    Divine Action

    Hey, Corey. Thank you so much for this livestream. It's a bright spot in my week! I wanted to make this small observation during class last night, but I wasn't in a convenient place to type then. You've often argued that the action of the Valar and the action of Iluvatar probably cannot be...
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    Possible Solution for Bruinen Horse Race

    Intercepting Frodo isn't exactly the same as cutting off his path ahead of him. Clearly they mis-judged his trajectory, but the two riding toward him could have been trying to meet him at the earliest possible moment, while the two riding toward the ford were the safety net in case he eluded the...
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    Dracula Class 2 Octagonal Observation

    There was some discussion of Harker's octagonal room in Dracula's castle. But no significance was found during the discussion. This could be helpful... Catholic baptismal fonts are traditionally eight-sided to signify the New Creation (the "complete" 7 plus 1). And when the baptistry is an...
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    Possible Solution for Bruinen Horse Race

    I was hoping to sit down and write a detailed post, maybe with a schematic or two, but I just don't have the time. So I'll just say quickly... When Tolkien says that two of the Black Riders rose "towards Frodo," couldn't that be taken to mean that they were on an intercept course toward him and...
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    Elf Meter Common?

    Just finished the Shaping of Middle Earth series on the podcast feed. A thought struck me in the "Horns of Ylmir" discussion. (Love that poem!) Corey said something about "Elf meter" (iambic heptameter) being obscure or unusual or something to that effect. But the feel of it was very familiar...
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    Caught up!

    Thank you! Glad to be here.
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    Caught up!

    After several years of listening, I have finally caught up on the entire Tolkien Professor podcast feed! I only skipped a few of the Riddles in the Dark episodes that were particularly irrelevant post-Hobbit movies. Now to keep working on the Mythgard Academy feed. I'm up to the Shaping of...
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    Needs more Fingolfin

    I concur.