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    Hey guys, I had video interviews with three of our creative types, watch...

    Hey guys, I had video interviews with three of our creative types, watch here:
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    A Place to Park my Thoughts

    I like the idea of ward tattoos. It is a very different approach to visually depicting Tolkien's elves, but I think it makes perfect sense within the context of the world.
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    Femme fatale et mauvaises femmes

    My favorite (predictably) is the Ungoliant costume. I want to pull it out of my screen and try it on.
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    I don't have an actress in mind, but I'd love to see someone who looks strong. Not "surprisingly strong for a mere slip of a girl" strong (like Rey in the Force Awakens, who had a great 'slim but incredibly athletic street waif' thing going on), but like, built. Hard to knock over, forearms for...
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    Session 2.11 for S2E07

    I'm hesitant about going for the mentally unwell angle, for a few reasons. As you pointed out, Ouzaru, it might indicate that he is in some sense not responsible for his actions. I'm sure you are all aware of this next reason (I don't mean to preach to the choir), but another reason I'm...
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    Session 2.11 for S2E07

    I totally agree that Turin also fits that description very well. He is another of the more complicated characters in the Silmarillion; but in addition to Turin's wont for emotionally driven poor decisions (which he has in common with Feanor), the thing that strikes me about him is his...
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    Session 2.11 for S2E07

    You guys seem to have this well in hand, but I'll go ahead and chime in with my take on some of the interpersonal stuff. Miriel and Indis being friends? I don't hate it. It is entirely possible to depict this in a way that doesn't make it full of "my dying wife's best friend is kinda hot"...
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    Music of the bad guys and monsters

    Warning: This has nothing to do with the Silmarillion Have you see Danny Kaye in "The Secret life of Walter Mitty?" He has a musical scene in which the words "evil french horn" are relevant.
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    Episode 4: Not the Trail of Tears (or Episode 3)

    I will do my best to be there and be on time. I also have a hard stop at 9:30, so that works nicely.
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    Bad Guys Story Arc for Season Two

    I'm thinking about Mairon's arc partially in terms of A. increase and decrease of power and B. increase and decrease of evil. We see Melkor growing steadily in evil, but overall diminishing in power. To me at least, the impact he has on the people and landscape around him seems more tremendous...
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    S02E03: The Great Debate

    Hey, sorry my phone cut out right there at the end. We have a thunder storm blowing in tonight. Anyway, great conversation! It was nice to be able to participate a little more fully this time around.
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    S02E03: The Great Debate

    Huh. On my end it says that "the broadcast will begin soon", on both my phone and computer.
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    Kick-off: Script Discussion for Season 2!

    It is beautiful and sunny here! ...but I don't have a webcam. So, as usual, you will find me in the chat box.
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    Session 2.03

    I'll be at a conference on the 16th, but I'll be back home and hopefully able to join in the conversation the next time around.