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    Tom Bombadil

    You have excellent taste! ;) It's a little sad to think I've already peaked for 2017, but it's hard to imagine coming up with any ideas better than Colbert for Bombadil.
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    Mark Ruffalo - Adept at emotionally complex and subtle roles, revealing vulnerability and an inner well of strength, which will be required for a character that has the propensity for appearing weak. Not quite such a pretty/angular elf, and also a bit older than most of the Feanor nominations...
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    I was surprised myself when this one sprang to mind: Bradley Cooper As an oscar-nominated actor he has a proven track record, delivering diverse performances to acclaim. He was viscerally raw in Silver Linings Playbook, emotionally taught and contained in American Sniper, charming as all hell...
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    Tom Bombadil

    How's this for outside the box: Stephen Colbert!! He looks great with a beard, has the requisite joie de vivre, and is totally comfortable dancing and singing and being rather ridiculous yet utterly sincere at the same time. And who more deserving of so iconic a role than an actor who has not...
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    What about Margot Robbie? She's not as tall as others (5'6") but she's proven her acting chops (Wolf of Wallstreet in particular), was able to channel feminine strength in film inundated with masculinity (Tarzan), and has the grace of a dancer (ballet in the past, and starring as Tonya Harding...