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  1. Frosty of Forochel

    Fill-in-blanks adaptation

    One fill-in-theblanks adaptation maybe worth discussing is Wicked. I actually despise it for a number of choices in the adaptation, but it purports to be a prequel to Wizard of Oz. The trouble comes with asking what version is Maguire adapting: the original books or the MGM film? For rights...
  2. Frosty of Forochel


    Is Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way any more ridiculous than the “Ya hey ya harri hey ya hoy!” In The Hobbit book? Though the later lyric “If we win then you will lose” is certainly no great work of art.
  3. Frosty of Forochel


    Could we devote time to discussing the animated Rankin/Bass TV adaptations of Tolkien? Especially Return of the King, which they had to adapt both for brevity and for filling in the audience on parts of the story not adapted. Some of this is unsuccessful, but a number of scenes are far better...
  4. Frosty of Forochel

    Merch Ideas

    A Balrog with a Red Bull... too much?
  5. Frosty of Forochel

    Gwaihir = Lord of Eagles?

    Why are we presuming that Gwaihir is the Lord of the Eagles from The Hobbit? We have literally no reason to apart from “Windlord” having “lord” in it. As mentioned, there’s no reference at all in the text to the previous arrow wound thing nor the golden collars. And if Tolkien intended us to...
  6. Frosty of Forochel

    Dying we die

    I was struck by Andreth’s use of the phrase “dying we die”. This seems to me a clear and intentional echo of Genesis 2:17, in which God warns of the consequence of sin. In English this is usually translated “you will surely/certainly die,” but in the Hebrew it’s an idiomatic ohrase that...
  7. Frosty of Forochel

    About Thorondor’s size

    I wonder if however big he is made it can be such that when flying at his usual height he casts a shadow with a 30 fathom wingspan. That way it pays homage to the recorded size while still being workable.
  8. Frosty of Forochel

    of melting and magic and metals

    Okay, I’ve just checked and even though he does still keep the Ring in his pocket in Book I, it is also on a chain. “He shut his eyes and struggled for awhile; but resistance became unbearable, and at last he slowly drew out the chain, and slipped the Ring on the forefinger of his left hand.” -...
  9. Frosty of Forochel

    of melting and magic and metals

    I haven’t had time to fully check, but I know in “Many Meetings” it’s described as a “new chain”.so the question is new in relation to what?
  10. Frosty of Forochel

    of melting and magic and metals

    I had never considered the melting of the shard before, but I now see it as a kind of prefiguring of the eventual destruction of the Ring: the power of the evil that can only be broken and unmade by melting. and just as in that case, Frodo heals, but with lingering lasting effects. But the...
  11. Frosty of Forochel

    Petty dwarves nomenclature

    there was much discussion about the term "petty dwarves". I agree with where it sort of landed, and the use of the term Exiles. But I wonder... what if some, perhaps not Elves but Men, referred to them as "the pitied dwarves"? This has the fun of playing with the role of pity in the...
  12. Frosty of Forochel

    On the passing on of Narsil

    I also like it with nobodies for awhile. In fact, I think that was one of the first thoughts I had about it. I like this progression, though I am a tad dubious about using it in a battle with a Balrog. I worry if it makes too big a deal of the sword early on. I also worry about its survival...
  13. Frosty of Forochel

    Can we have a forum section for Le Mort d'Arthur?

    I've delayed listening to the Morte d'Arthur sessions until I can get the text and start reading. So I am a ways behind. But I've also finally gotten my hands in History of The Hobbit and was amused that Rateliff mentions Mallory in his introduction. "The relationship between this draft and...
  14. Frosty of Forochel

    Norn, a translator/ambassador

    Bill Smitrovitch Age:71 Height:6'1" He's one of my favorite character actors. He had recurring roles on The Practice and Millennium. You might have seen him briefly in the first Iron Man movie. He's got a hard-nosed quality, but also a warmth and deep...
  15. Frosty of Forochel


    I nominate Lily Collins! Age:29 Height: 5' 5" I love her because she's got lovely dark hair and a quality that isn't obvious "glamour" beauty, but which is undeniably beautiful. I find I am just drawn to her face. She's got a quality of being...
  16. Frosty of Forochel

    The Sleep of Yavanna

    As I've been thinking about this issue, one of my ideas would be to not have any Entings during the sleep of Yavanna until the rising of the sun. So even if we leave it off as "magical" and somewhat awake with the wakening of the Elves, that the Ents and Entwives reproduce on their own could be...
  17. Frosty of Forochel

    On the passing on of Narsil

    It makes sense, but I don't like the idea of everything going to Aragorn through Beren. Therr are already parallels, and they do work, but I think it's cooler if Narsil isn't just one more thing that once came through Beren.
  18. Frosty of Forochel

    On the passing on of Narsil

    I have three thoughts regarding the forging of Narsil and its eventual handing off to the line of Elendil. First, let's look at the etymology. Apparently the name Narsil means "red and white flame", and possibly references the light of the sun and moon. We should take this into account both to...
  19. Frosty of Forochel

    An examination of the two contentious paragraphs and theories as to their meaning

    Completely agree. This was the obvious reading to me from the beginning.
  20. Frosty of Forochel

    Regardind the beating heart

    The mention of Goldberry's heart beating led to some interesting discussion, but it also led me to think about heartbeats as rhythm. For someone as rhythmic as Tom Bombadil, of course he would notice something like the beating of a heart! I wonder, does Goldberry's heart beat in that same...