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  1. AbelardsJunk

    Origin of the Moon - Round World Version - Morgoth's Ring Session 2

    During the brief discussion of "Melkor's Lunar Base" it is a shame there was not more time to discuss real world scientific theories. I cannot recall when I saw some nerdy documentary explaining the "Theia" origin theory of a collision. So, that got me wondering, what was the most prevalent...
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    Amazon series:reactions and thoughts (Spoiler alert!)

    The Stranger is The Doctor. Nori is his new Companion. They are going to Rhun to find the TARDIS.
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    Nature of Middle Earth Ep. 9 ~30 min: First Divine Prohibition?

    When Corey spoke about Eru's message to the newly awakened elves to not stray far, he suggested that they were at least guilty of folly. He did a cute "We told you, but did you listen? I was DYING for him to say, "It's unnatural. And trouble will come of it."
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    Episode 216 Summary

    If I was directing this scene for a film... Bilbo sings the whole song while gazing out the window, UNTIL... Looks at Frodo: "Listening for returning feet and voices at the door." .
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    Of Hymnals, Metrical Indices, and Gilligan's Island - Ruining Bilbo's Poem for You

    You have been forewarned. "This is not a funny poem." - Corey on the final stanza of Bilbo's Farewell Song In the back of old church hymnals is a "Metrical Index." I saw these in church when I was a kid, but didn't know what they were for until years later. I was in a church service where...
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    Episode 200 Summary

    Field trip, near the end. Regarding Angmarim laundry. Corey asked if it was evil laundry. Folks were checking their undies. Evil people go commando. Don't ask how I know that.
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    Why would we think that Saruman despatched the Crebain to Hollin?

    I will go find it, thank you! It turns out Corey had that original map in the very next episode. Hollin, Dunland, and Isangard are all marked. I wish I could remember what I thought about these that first time. I really did break the binding on the paperback with my thumb in the map. It...
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    Episode 188 Summary

    I am fascinated by Corey's interpretation of Gandalf's expression in the movie as "oh no." I always took that to be relief. "Oh good. Frodo has accepted this Doom, and the Temptation will not pass to less worthy Bearer."
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    Why would we think that Saruman despatched the Crebain to Hollin?

    "From what we have read so far in the book, the natural assumption is that the crebain (if (as seems clear) are 'spying out the land') are doing so on behalf of Sauron, rather than Saruman. " If the reader was paying close attention to the Council of Elrond, and wore out the map page from...
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    Episode 164 1:25 Narya vs. Sauruman's Ring

    No, Sauruman's mere essay in the craft - a trifle only Sauruman fancies - cannot empower him to see Celebrimbor's Master Work. I'll be caught up in a couple of months, when I will have more clever things others should have said in real time. Yours in Estel, Abelard's Junk
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    Episode 102 Summary

    A "boulder chucking move" is NOT required to add more rocks and boulders to the flood. I have shoveled dirt while standing knee deep in water, and was pleasantly surprised how much easier it was than regular dirt. Gandalf, whose concentration was already riding the wave, need only extend some...