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  1. Forlavladir

    One month from amazement. A trip to Scotland and a move to Uppsala for PhD studies.

    One month from amazement. A trip to Scotland and a move to Uppsala for PhD studies.
  2. Forlavladir

    Resources and introduction

    Hi! I just came to think of how we, as this project moves forward, might be able to start producing some actual music (which would be awesome). I therefore thought that it might come in handy to have a general overview of what kind of skills and experiences that people on this board have access...
  3. Forlavladir

    Casting Tulkas

    That's a great idea!
  4. Forlavladir

    Casting: Ethnicity and Migration Patterns of the First Age

    I really enjoyed how Marvel/Disney treated the question of ethnicity in the Thor films. What they did was basically to disregard the question. What we need to do, in my opinion, is to give the different groups discernible traits by the way we dress them, the dialects they speak, and so forth...
  5. Forlavladir

    Episode 0-3

    Bre, this is nothing short of amazing! I believe that you've actually have provided a really good structure that will make it a lot easier to think about how one would go about adapting The Silmarillion. Great job!
  6. Forlavladir

    What about a forum for socializing?

    Hi! This might be a really stupid question, but would it be possible to add a forum for mere social interaction? I believe that such a forum would be quite rewarding for people who want to socialize in-between seminars, forum discussions on props and music, and all other things SilmFilm. Best...
  7. Forlavladir

    The show's budget: big, but finite

    As this is project is more about appreciating the amazing art that is The Silmarillion and not us pretending to be film makers, I really don't feel that there's a huge need for a budget of any form. If we are to make up a make belief budget for this make belief mini-series, however, I'd suggest...
  8. Forlavladir

    At the office, eating cake.

    At the office, eating cake.