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  1. NicoleHobbitday

    Episode 0-2

    I think we can be very true to the nature of Tolkien's writing by shifting register when necessary. Most of the dialogue can be...well, not modern, but in line with what we heard in Jackson's films. But in moments of authority or grave importance, we could shift to the more archaic language as...
  2. NicoleHobbitday

    Establishing A Cast

    Maybe because there are SO many characters, we have categorized threads instead of a thread for each one? Like a thread for the Valar, a thread for the House of Feanor, the House of Fingolfin, etc.
  3. NicoleHobbitday

    Casting Tulkas

    Agreed! I doubt a big A-List actor would inherently feel right for the role anyways. We need casting director extraordinaire Nina Gold on this..haha
  4. NicoleHobbitday

    Establishing A Cast

    This, to me, is one of the trickiest but most exciting notions of the idea of a Silmarillion adaptation. I love to think about the possibilities, and see what other fancasts people have come up with. There are actually very few Silmarillion characters that I have cemented in my mind as far as...
  5. NicoleHobbitday

    Frame Narrative

    I think if there were to be a frame narrative, it would be most beneficial to have that frame be established by characters the general audience already knows. This would serve to bridge the gap between the lore of The Hobbit/LOTR (which are familiar in modern pop-culture) and this entirely new...
  6. NicoleHobbitday

    Episode 0-1

    I think the Ainulindalë is one of the primary examples of why people consider The Silmarillion to be "un-filmable," even more so than The Lord of the Rings. It would take a very subtle and cautious hand to portray the abstract visual concepts in not just the Ainulindalë, but the entirety of The...