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  1. Halstein

    How Caradhras come to be, according to ChatGPT.

    Once upon a time, there was a spirit named Caradhras. He settled in a beautiful plain, surrounded by lush green forests and sparkling clear rivers. He was content and happy, living in harmony with the other spirits of the land, including the great Vala Oromë. Oromë, the Vala of the wild, loved...
  2. Halstein

    Untrustworthy carriers.

    Hi. Prof. Olsen mention that even Anduin could not be trusted to carry the Ring to the sea. Thinking Anduin having a will of its own (like Caradhras), getting corrupted, and wanting to hold on to the Ring might be taking it to far? Or does it? Might the will of the Ring have stopped it from...
  3. Halstein

    Just some scribbles.

    As Arthur hobbled of the boat at Avalon, he saw a small figure coming towards him. At first it looked like a child, but as it came closer it seemed more of an adult. He had curly brown hair, and bright eyes. He stopped before Arthur, reached out his hand, and said with a smile "Frodo Baggins, at...
  4. Halstein


    There was talk about domination during the Silmfilm session yesterday (Session 4-17). I think somewhat bigger leeway might be given for dominating things without free will, or with no will at all. Also, I think chopping down a tree for making something, should be considered different than just...
  5. Halstein

    Mandos revealed.

    Hi. This thread by Bruce N H got me thinking: Mandos is actually Santa, and the elves that help him are the Fëa of the ones who "died". When they have made their set quota of toys, they...
  6. Halstein

    Three kings.

    We three kings of Rhudaur are, Heirs of Arnor, in civil war. Joining hill-men, fighting our brethren, ending up under Angmar.
  7. Halstein

    The Fall of Gil-galad.

    As chapter 11 contains this poem, and the off chance somebody haven't seen it already:
  8. Halstein

    "Save us"

    Hi. Butterburs' exlamations seems more religious than most of what is found in the LotR. Even if it seems unlikely the Valar are generally known in Bree, what about Eru Iluvatar? It seems strang that there is no religion in a pre-scientific society like Bree. Even if the Bree-landers, or any...
  9. Halstein

    Old Man Willow.

    Ol' Man Willow, Dat Ol' Man Willow He mus'know sumpin' But don't say nuthin', He jes'keeps singin' He keeps on singin' along. He don' plant taters, He don't plant cotton, An' dem dat plants'em is soon forgotten, But Ol'Man Willow, He jes keeps singin'along. You an'me, we sweat an'...
  10. Halstein

    Some thoughts on the Old Forrest and Tom.

    Hi. Listening to ep. 28, I came to think of some points. This might not be straight forward questions, but I hope you bear with me. Old Man Willow's singing might have a sort of precedent, as Orpheus is somewhat associated with willows, and was said to have gotten his singing ability after...
  11. Halstein

    Punishment vs. gift.

    Watching ep. 19, and during the answer to Lincoln Alpern's "Punishing..." question, there is a discussion on death as a gift vs. a punishment. I also follow the Boethius-class, and in book IV, chapter VII (online Project Gutenberg, H.R. James translation.), Lady Philosophy state: 'Attend,' said...
  12. Halstein

    Finding the Shire.

    Hi. Listening to episode 10, and the talk of finding the Shire. And Gandalf not thinking they are in a hurry. Eriador, Minhiriath, and Enedwaith don't seem to be densely settled. No major settled areas beside the Shire and Bree-land, as far as I know. In the unlikely event that a Black Rider...
  13. Halstein

    Hobbit naming.

    Hi. I have an impression that a good portion of Hobbit first names are Frankish. Is this true, or is it me? Drogo, Pippin and Odo are Frankish names. Halstein.
  14. Halstein

    Bilbo's income.

    Hi. Bilbo seems to be well off even before he went on his adventure. But what was his income? He does not seem to be occupied in a craft or in farming. Did he live of land-rent payed by farmers, for cultivating his land? Tolkien's economics seems to be a bit nebulous.
  15. Halstein

    Thoughts on Green-elves.

    Hi. I have some ideas for Green-elves or similar cultures. Probably should have posted in Season 2, but wasn't able. Have spent some time in the forest recently, and got inspired. They should most likely use a lot of wood, and be master carpenters. Containers are either basketry or "coopery"...
  16. Halstein

    Some thoughts on technology.

    Hi. Probably shouldn't do this, when I will be away on vacation until next Thursday, with only irregular net-access, but here I go anyway. The elves are taught crafts by the Valar, so they should quickly get to a high level. After that, there probably will be only slow improvements. When they...