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  1. NotACat

    Has Narnion met Narnien?

    No, Narnion hasn't ventured there yet. He's currently investigating Mirobel in Eregion…I'm not sure whether they're nearly done with that region, and I don't know where they aim to go next.
  2. NotACat

    Mother or Wife?

    Thanks, I have actually read the first few chapters in preparation but between multitudes of spreadsheets at work and catching up on Critical Role (currently at 59/115 of the first campaign with a second and an interlude still to go) it had slipped my mind o_O
  3. NotACat

    Mother or Wife?

    I was confused by the mention of Anairë in the latest episode of "Nature of Middle Earth" since it seemed to suggest that she was Turgon's wife: wasn't she his mother? Elenwë was Turgon's wife who perished crossing the Helcaraxë, and she was significant because she was the only known Vanya who...
  4. NotACat

    Theory on the Origin of Orcs

    This accords with my head-canon, which is that Morgoth used his twisted version of Námo's power to call Elven fëar to him—wrenching them out of their hröar, or maybe just torturing them until they fled—and then replaced them with spirits that he had called out of the void. What might make it...
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    It’s a poor wizard that blames his fools

    Certainly one benefit of Gandalf's absence that is remarked upon is the acquisition of the Barrow-blades: things might have gone very differently further down the line if not for them.
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    Orcs could be kind of like Ents in a twisted fashion

    In Session 28 of "Morgoth's Ring", Corey says that But we know that Ents have "independent will and reasoning powers" without being Children of Illuvatar. Furthermore, NitrasTheAwesomeOne said in the Twitch chat: to which Tarlonniell replied: My head-canon is that Melkor—possibly via...
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    Radagast changes colors... of Saruman?

    My gut feeling is that Radagast would be expert in "natural" shape- or colour-changing, and Saruman's changes were cast as being "unnatural", even if we from our "scientific" viewpoint have a different understanding. Gandalf's reaction to the change makes it seem as if Saruman has broken...
  8. NotACat

    Hylomorphism redux

    I don't think we're supposed to think that anything with a heterogeneous combination of form and material is inherently evil. The Silmarils are a combination between the form of an Elf and an unknown material, and they're holy as all get out.
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    Merch Ideas

    The PPP have a custom mask on their Teespring store, could we do something similar?
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    Gandalf's supposition that nobody has read the scroll other than himself and Saruman is based on actual observation of the scroll in question. He knows where he found it and what condition it was in, not to mention the conditions in which it was kept. Denethor's boast that he knows everything...
  11. NotACat

    Episode 93 Summary

    I don't recall whether we mentioned it at the time, and obviously the first-time reader could not know, but Galadriel has herself met both of those eminent ladies herself in person!
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    Warden Gambits 101

    I'm guessing there was supposed to be an attachment to this? I was looking forward to it, I only have one Warden and I haven't brought him out to play in ages :(
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    Looking ahead, and let us not forget...

    The main point is that talking about the whole of the work is what people do all the time elsewhere. Exploring the Lord of the Rings is special in that we try to read the text very closely, from the perspective of someone who hasn't read it before. There are plenty of places where you can...
  14. NotACat

    Why so secret, Rangers?

    Yes, you're right about Elbereth, but do we know that she is a Valië? Likewise, when Théoden is compared to Oromë, are we told that he is a Vala? We'll have to keep an eye out…
  15. NotACat

    Why so secret, Rangers?

    I'm not sure that when the first-time reader arrives at this point in the book, they would have the slightest inkling of the existence of such a thing as a Vala. Indeed, how often are they mentioned, by name or otherwise, throughout the whole of the LOTR?
  16. NotACat

    Confusion on what exactly SilmFilm is meant to be

    It's an entirely theoretical—because the Estate is unlikely to give permission for anything more concrete—exploration of how a TV adaptation of the Silmarillion might be prepared. You can find more here.
  17. NotACat

    Morgoth's Ring and Elven and Orcan embodiment

    I like your description of the hroar being stripped of the Elvish fëar, and I wonder whether Morgoth found something to take their place. Recall that when Ents and Eagles were created, spirits were drawn in from elsewhere to inhabit them. Is it possible that Morgoth was able to recruit spirits...
  18. NotACat

    Why is Legolas "strange"?

    Somewhat late, I know, but I always figured that it meant "an Elf that Frodo hadn't seen around Rivendell before". He's been there a while, he's probably seen most of Elrond's household at mealtimes, so it's likely that he's already seen all the other Elves that show up at the Council. The...
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    Morgoth's Ring forum

    Maybe that forum should be renamed "History of Middle-earth" then…
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    Re-Scanning Boromir's Dream Poem

    I prefer to hear it as a chant, mostly in three-time, breaking into two-time in the last couplet (I've used "·" to indicate a syllable stretched over two beats and "—" for three beats): I mentioned before, but I think my post got overlooked, that I think we tend to rush through the poetry like...