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  1. Corey Olsen

    How do I ask Corey a question that doesn't have to do with the class?

    You can email me at corey dot olsen at signumu dot org
  2. Corey Olsen

    Season 5 GTW Link

    Correct! 10:00 PM ET
  3. Corey Olsen

    Season 5 GTW Link

    Hi everyone! Sorry that in all the craziness, I neglected to post the GTW link for season 5! It is now posted on the Mythgard site. Go to: And click on the "+Live Discussion" button. That'll take you to the correct link. Sorry for the delay, but looking...
  4. Corey Olsen

    An unexpected pun: Bullroarer's golf shot

    Hah! I never noticed that either! Very cool.
  5. Corey Olsen

    Podcast Question! From a Podcast Listener

    Yep. The Apple Podcast app is just one of many apps that accesses our podcast feed, which is quite independent. It is also up to date, so if you don't see Sessions 104-106, that's because iTunes is vexing. On Overcast (my personal favorite podcast app), all of them are present. But no -- the...
  6. Corey Olsen

    Your Newest Student

    How delightful! Many congratulations to you and your family, Colette! Thanks for sharing, and for joining us; it has been lovely having you with us!
  7. Corey Olsen

    Frodo's Dreams related to Palantirs?

    Yes -- Tolkien first conceived of the palantiri while writing the sequence at Orthanc where Gandalf confronts Saruman (in the Two Towers). In typical Tolkien fashion, when that ball gets chucked off the balcony at a some wizardly head or other, Tolkien then had to figure out what the ball was...
  8. Corey Olsen

    Quick Comment re: clear skies

    Cross-talk is okay here. It is just in the Discord thread, where I am trying to track the comments while talking, that cross-talk adds an unnecessary additional degree of difficulty.
  9. Corey Olsen

    Bill and Harry's plans in Bree

    Bill Ferny would definitely know that Strider is in town, as Bill was in the common room for Frodo's performance, and Frodo's excuse to the company was that he had crawled over and was having a word with Strider in the corner. Ferny might have been surprised to see Strider, and the conversation...
  10. Corey Olsen

    Arguments from absence

    Yes. The presence of Balrogs frequently plummeting to their deaths is one. ;)
  11. Corey Olsen

    "Into the Storm" - Nightfall in Middle-Earth Comment

    Thanks for the link! Matthias and I were just listening to it, and we completely agree with you. "Blood on me" makes about 1000x more sense, and that live recording did clarify a lot. We'll mention it in the next episode, which we're prepping for now.
  12. Corey Olsen

    "I tried not to, sir, but it burst out of me..."

    I totally agree with Jonathan, here. It isn't that Tolkien's intentions are irrelevant, but it is certainly true that his intentions at the time of writing are not the equivalent of what "actually happened" in history or something. When you read Tolkien's letters, you'll notice that in...
  13. Corey Olsen

    What exactly is a Huorn anyway?

    We'll get to this in Book III -- easily by the end of 2019. Never fear. And no -- those chapters you are looking at in the TT are the best sources for understanding Huorns.
  14. Corey Olsen

    Elves, Samuel Johnson and "Relatability"

    Agreed on all this, and I'll respond here briefly as I fear opening this discussion in class (due to the likely size of the digression!). Two things I'd say: 1. My critique of the modern emphasis on "relatability" is not, in theory, a resistance to the act of imagination that Dr. J describes...
  15. Corey Olsen

    Eagle sounds?

    Dude. You can tell your pets to stay? Do they obey? I had no idea!
  16. Corey Olsen

    The Men of Angmar

    Welcome Haerangil! I'll answer this a bit here, but we'll come back to in a while when we get to the Barrow Downs. "Witch-King" means, I believe, that he is a king and also a sorcerer. So he was the greatest of the Ringwraiths and Sauron's second in command. While Sauron was recuperating...
  17. Corey Olsen

    Luck and LOTR

    Yes, we'll definitely talk about this as we go along, and it I'll come back to it more as it grows. We'll have our first discussions about this this week!