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    Some Conlanging

    Thanks for your examples Richard. I was hoping we might attract a few conlangers. Having Mandarin and English as your first languages must have been amazing as, on the surface, they are so different. Were you schooled in both languages or only one?
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    What we might use this forum for?

    Thanks for joining us Richard. I would love to join in a group read, but I have to say I am starting my thesis mid January, so my contribution would have to be small to begin with. You can't keep your head in the same books all the time.
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    What we might use this forum for?

    Thanks Sparrow. Now that's a real challenge. If you don't mind telling us a little more...Have you native speakers around you? How do you keep up the momentum? What a beautiful way to greet the day.
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    What we might use this forum for?

    Hi folks, two people emailed Sparrow with the same idea of setting up this forum. I can't speak for the other person, but these were my thoughts:- 1. I really enjoyed the two special lunches at the last Mythmoot for Old English and Old Norse students. I would like to keep in touch with other...