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  1. Oin_K

    Theme Music

    This is a fantastic idea for representing the Children of Iluvatar, especially the Men. I really love the idea of using the Ainulindale as opening credits. We have a central theme, but each season will change, and there will be subtle differences for each episode reflecting the events of that...
  2. Oin_K

    A role for Sean Connery

    If I recall correctly, he was approached for the role of Gandalf, but turned it down because he didn't understand the script. If LOTR was too out there for him, good luck selling him on the Silmarillion. :D
  3. Oin_K

    Episode 1-1

    I posted what turned out to be a thorough treatment for the opening of Episode One over in the general forum, here: It started as a general outline, based on a...
  4. Oin_K

    The Last Battle & the Lost Road: an out-of-the-frame scene I cannot get out of my head

    This is quite out there, but there's a scene that's been playing on endless repeat in my mind lately, and I wanted to share it with you. I think it could provide a driving focus for the series and act as a unifying metaphor for the whole structure. But first, a bit of background. As I've...