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  1. G.WilsonU2

    Session 1.6

    The arc for this episode could be the Valar's acceptance of Melkor. The characters that I think we could show interacting with Melkor are Manwe, Ulmo, Aule ,(we have air, water and earth here) and possibly their spouses. (A moment with Sauron could also be interesting) So I'm just doing some...
  2. G.WilsonU2

    A concept for the Ainulindalë and Iluvatar's theme that takes things literally

    That is a really fascinating idea Kilby. I like it.
  3. G.WilsonU2

    Session 1.5

    Melkor's fall is the central point here. I think there is enough really good drama here, and that we should just let it play out, and not have too many interruptions from the frame. Concerning the flashback to the void. What if it was Varda giving the flashback story to Manwe? Maybe Manwe...
  4. G.WilsonU2

    Manwe's Theme

    I completely agree. Nature's Reclamation gives me goose bumps every time. I think it might be interesting if we started the first note of the melody on the same note that we use for Iluvatar's theme.
  5. G.WilsonU2

    "The Music"

    Thanks for writing this up Phillip. It helps to put everything into an accessible context. It is very helpful.
  6. G.WilsonU2

    Theme Music

    Well I remember someone (my apologies because I can't remember his name) on the forums had the idea of using the Ainulindale music for the opening credits music. I thought that was an appealing idea, At least for series 1. Maybe the music can progress further each episode. Just like the history...
  7. G.WilsonU2

    Resources and introduction

    I'm an intermediate to advanced pianist and a early intermediate violinist. I can sing a bit but I don't really consider myself a singer. However, if a voice is needed, I'm generally an alto singer. I'm so glad that there are people who know how to record music because that is something I don't...
  8. G.WilsonU2

    Episode 0-3

    Just a point that may effect how we lay out specific stories. I don't think we should cut between stories just for the sake of showing a chronologically correct adaption. Cutting between narratives can ruin the emotional investment and dramatic tension. There are moments in a story where the...
  9. G.WilsonU2

    Iluvatar and the Valar's Melodies

    With the music for scale changing Valar. I don't think we need to alter their themes too much. If you want to make the music sound bigger than that can be done via adding octaves and basses with new instruments. If you want it to sound simpler, just cut out some of the other layers. We can alter...
  10. G.WilsonU2

    The grand architecture...

    This is a really interesting question. In my mind , when looking closely at a piece of art, there is what is going on in the physical practical sense and what's going on in a deeper spiritual ,even sometimes mythical sense. When it comes to the former. I often think that the central plot point...
  11. G.WilsonU2

    Iluvatar and the Valar's Melodies

    Hello, In the latest Silmfilm session , Corey assigned the musicians to try and come up with some music for the Valar and Iluvatar himself. I hope to use this thread as a place for discussion for the style of these character's melodies and even posting of music if anyone has come up with any...
  12. G.WilsonU2

    General texture and inspiration for the score

    Right now I'm trying to get the a hang of using MusicScore for making a nice clean, formal music sheet. Here is the address. If anyone knows any other good scoring sites feel free to share. As Phillip Menzies said, we will have to change the tone of the elvish and dwarf...
  13. G.WilsonU2

    General texture and inspiration for the score

    I think that's pretty fantastic Kilby. Many parts of Vaughan William's symphony's have the kind of feel that I imagine music for those scenes would have. Dona Nobis Pacem at 4:00 mins is pretty incredible. It's frightful and tense. Just what you would want for a battle sequence. The War of Wrath...
  14. G.WilsonU2

    Episode 0-1

    I agree with the suggestions and ideas before mine. I like the idea of correlating the music ,Fantasia style ,to the visuals. However, I think it would be nice if we could compose our own "interchanging melodies". These melodies and leitmotifs could be used again later on in the series to...