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  1. vladazhael (I hope this is you, Big Brother...)
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    Mandos (Namo)

    I would like to nominate Oscar Isaac: I know he's a bit young compared to a lot of the other options mentioned in discussion, but I really do think he could pull this off. Episode notes: Once said that he should be gorgeous…but more like a...
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    I would like to nominate Jason Momoa: From casting discussion: Trying to somewhat reject Neptune archetype - CHECK Doesn’t have to be gorgeous - BUT IS What kind of build? He can’t really be wispy, can he? - ISN'T Needs to have long hair -...
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    I finally signed up here specifically to express my strong positive feelings about Jason Momoa as Ulmo. Much as I do appreciate the other actors listed above, I really do think he's a natural choice in every possible way.
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    I'm into motiveless malignity.

    I'm into motiveless malignity.