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    New England Moot: September 29, 2019!

    Oh no worries at all, I sympathize with how much effort goes into planning these events, I just know by the time we get all the animals set and drive down, it will be early afternoon at best. For sure we will be at dinner, and hopefully can meet up to some of the other afternoon activities :)
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    New England Moot: September 29, 2019!

    My husband and I will definitely be coming to dinner Saturday evening and if the book fair/gaming room happens we will be there as well. We are driving down from Seacoast, NH so it's probably too much to expect we will be there early enough for Emily Dickinson :D
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    Leveling up for new players

    Also agree this sounds like a great opportunity, as I will need help on some of the other servers. My main is a hunter on Brandywine and I would be happy to help out there.