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  1. Sparrow

    Chapter 26 Dragonskin - macduff

    The black blade spell is shiveringly good! Oh, typo, "who has ever successfully hunted a dragon". Do you want little line edits like that or just story impressions?
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    Writing Together Opportunities!

    Aweseome Workshop!!! Free! Awesome! July 22!
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    Mythmoot VII: August 6-9, 2020 Full Digital Experience

    Mythmoot is FULLY ONLINE this year! so inexpensive, friends, this is the year to pack the place!
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    Chapter 25 Beeowhelp - macduff

    I admit I'm giggling from the fainting! Also, am dying to find out what Virgil wants with the kid!
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    Folks, I've been using DuoLingo more regularly during Sparkling Isolation. Please feel free to befriend me there - my moniker is Glaiseun, and I'm currently studying Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, and German.
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    Writing Together Opportunities!

    And now we have ONE spot to get all your WriterSpace schedule, links, and place to share your contact info:
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    Calls for Papers

    Mythmoot is re-scheduled!
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    Mythmoot VII: August 6-9, 2020 Full Digital Experience

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    From Diana Pavlac Glyer: Evidence of creative breakthrough is found in unlikely places: a quick note, an offhand remark, a journal entry, or a formal letter. We gather the scraps and piece them together as best we can. ~Bandersnatch, p 9
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    Writing Together Opportunities!

    Folks, we've brought WriterSpace online - it's encouragement, wrist stretches, and a few shake-up-the-brain games. All times are in Eastern. On the weekends, WriterSpace is sponsored by the Mythgard Institute (thank you, Mythgard!!) Every Saturday, 9am-10:30pm - Every Other Sunday, beginning...
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    Endless March Endless Escargots The homunculi running project Gutenberg an unexpected shield an unexpected laundry...
  12. Sparrow

    A Ballad- Casual

    And how does she know which childsren need to be encouraged to caution and which ones need to be encouraged to adventure???
  13. Sparrow

    Mythmoot VII: August 6-9, 2020 Full Digital Experience

    Everyone welcome! There is everything from highest-level keynote address to re-enacting battles on the lawn to trivia games.
  14. Sparrow

    The great cavern war part 20 pink vs black

    The power - the idea that something scared vampires - I'm delighted!! Do you want proofreading notes? There's some punctuation stuff - but you might be totally aware of it and this wasn't your polished draft.
  15. Sparrow

    Mythmoot VII: August 6-9, 2020 Full Digital Experience

    I'm trying to be!
  16. Sparrow

    Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica

    I've put it on my Goodreads queue!
  17. Sparrow

    Just some scribbles.

    So much love for this image and all the others which it generates.
  18. Sparrow

    LA Moot?

    I don't see any other moots posted under the event calendar yet! :( Just Texas: and Mythmoot:
  19. Sparrow

    The great cavern was part 7 Mirror -Macduff-

    So visual! Impactful! When you say "dark pink" skin - am I right in picturing kind of new-skin-after-an-injury slightly slimy pink?
  20. Sparrow

    Tricks for Studying Silmarillion Names

    But.... you know.... just in case you need it...