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  1. The Boatman

    Lady Cynthia Fitzmilton == The Queen

    Hi, I wish I could listen to Corey's classes in real time and participate in the discussions. The poscasts have been a Very Splendid and Worthwhile part of my long daily commute, but it's frustrating to have something to contribute and realize that the discussion took place months or years ago...
  2. The Boatman

    An epiphany

    <spoilers> I've been an avid Hitch-hiker's fan since I first heard the radio program in college during the summer of 1981, so it's hard to believe that I never connected the dots before now, but I just had an epiphany about the anonymous girl referred to in the first chapter. Remember, the...
  3. The Boatman

    Star Trek City on the Edge of Forever

    Hi! I'm new to the fora; hope this is the right place. I was listening to Dr. Olsen's podcast on Star Trek, the second part of which dealt with the time travel episode in the original series named "The City on the Edge of Forever." Little wonder that it's one of their best episodes, since it...