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    Bill Pullman's view on LOTRO

    In our private discussion with you Professor after the class on Feb 14th one of the members of the kin asked you a question regarding Tolkien's treatment of Orc's in LOTR and how they fit into the theme's of mercy and redemption. I wish I had copied the question but that was roughly it. However...
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    What Server is the Kinship on?

    Im just wondering what server the kinship is on? I don't see that info posted anywhere that I can find. EDIT! Never mind, i just saw the information on the forum. Not sure how to delete this yet hence the Edit Note.
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    Golden Walls

    Is it possible that the comment from the Old Gaffer to the miller contained a reference to the mill by using the words "Golden Walls". What comes to mind is that harvested ripe summer wheat is "Golden" in color. If your running a mill is it not feasible to have wheat in staves laying against the...