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  1. Marielle


    Conservely, if we want to go in a completely different direction, I could see Zendaya in the role. I was really impressed in her abilities in The Greatest Showman. She's only 23, though, so we'd probably have to cast another actress for Old Andreth -- I think makeup/CGI would look silly for her...
  2. Marielle


    I like Anna Paquin for the role. She's got a fantastic smile, but does serious well. Plus, she's pretty but not cliched Hollywood pretty (IMHO). Her face is more interesting than beautiful.
  3. Marielle

    The One Where the Archivist Babbles On About Paper Preservation

    No glue! Honestly, I don't know what pre-modern preservation techniques were, but most adhesives are *terrible* for preservation. Seriously: I *will* sick the ghost of William Barrow on you if use common glue. (N.B.: there are archival-quality glues and adhesives, but they must be PH-neutral...
  4. Marielle

    Cast into Verse

    You are *AMAZING*!
  5. Marielle

    Things you were totally confused about

    The Nine Rings. For *years*, I was irritated with PJ's depiction of the death of the Witch King because I was convinced that Eowyn killed him by cutting the ring off his finger. I couldn't figure out how else they could be made mortal -- I somehow missed the notion of Merry's sword being magical...
  6. Marielle

    Wizards and (false) prophets

    Among Christian commentators, it's pretty common to see the threefold role of Christ (king, priest, and prophet) raised as applicable (most are careful not to use any variation of the word "allegory") to Aragorn, Frodo, and Gandalf. I don't think this should be dismissed out of hand: Tolkien's...
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    The One Where the Archivist Babbles On About Paper Preservation

    You're right, the exact date and provenance of the scroll is up for debate, but I strongly suspect we're meant to believe it is the original, written by Isildur's hand alone. To luxuriate in crit-fic for a second, I suspect the mythic idea of the "secret kept in Isildur's hand itself" would be...
  8. Marielle


    My flippant answer is that the Archivist of Minas Tirith was probably looking over his shoulder -- very few archives allow any researchers to be alone with any record, and often require their hands to remain visible to a supervising archivist/archives technician at all times, to prevent damage...
  9. Marielle

    Isildur's Knowledge

    Last week we spent some time musing why Isildur called the Ring "an heirloom of the North Kingdom" rather than "mine". Could this be evidence that Isildur is unaware of the great rings' tendencies to prolong mortal life? As a king, he would naturally consider his important possessions -- his...
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    The One Where the Archivist Babbles On About Paper Preservation

    Possibly! If you live thousands of years, written records no longer look more permanent! Of course, humans also use records written "in the moment" because our memory can fade or change, but elves' memories seem to work differently from ours.
  11. Marielle

    The One Where the Archivist Babbles On About Paper Preservation

    (of course I miss the session on 6/16 where we actually talk about archives and archival preservation!) Catching up on this week's session, Corey spent a brief moment discussing the likely condition of Isildur's scroll and, as I am professionally interested in such matters, I'm going to throw...
  12. Marielle

    Homework - Comparing two near identical poems. Especially their context.

    I was actually thinking more Saint John than Saint Joan, personally, but both work. Does that make Boromir St. Thomas?
  13. Marielle

    Homework - Comparing two near identical poems. Especially their context.

    My opinion of Boromir's wisdom comes mostly from evidence that comes later on, and especially from his Ring-induced monologue. Which might not be the most fair of evidence, I grant, but still it gives us a critical insight into Boromir's mindset. Also, he's inevitably a contrast to Faramir, who...
  14. Marielle

    Homework - Comparing two near identical poems. Especially their context.

    I *love* this! I never even noticed the punctuation difference before! I don't completely agree that Boromir shows the most wisdom/diplomacy (I think Elrond does pretty well for himself), but surely he shows more than most! As stated in my other thread, I do think Boromir is rather prudent...
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    Cast So Far...

    I remember that now!
  16. Marielle

    Cast So Far...

    Was there a re-cast of Caranthir decided?
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    Boromir's Prudence

    Listening to Episode 137, as we carefully considered Boromir's response to Aragorn's (rather gentle) challenge, I had a thought that I never had before. Could it be that Boromir, though yes proud and imperfect, is actually being rather prudent here? Consider the situation from his point of...
  18. Marielle

    The Madness of the Horses

    Catching up on the last few sessions, I was as concerned as many seemed to be of the idea that Glorfindel intentionally drove the Nazgul's mounts mad at the river. This seems highly problematic for a number of reasons, most notable: 1) the death of nine creatures might seem like a small price...
  19. Marielle

    Session 4.12 - Episodes 1 and 2

    Agreed. But what about the concern that the futile effort will undermine the eucatastrophe? If I recall correctly, the Hosts' were worried the scene might go something like this: "Oh, Yay, an Eagle of Manwe is here to help!" [Flying] "I'm here to rescue you! And..." [futile struggle] "I can't...
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    What'cha reading?

    I love "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries", and I've been a huge Jane Austen fan since I first saw the BBC miniseries at age 6 (my mother is a huge Jane Austen, in particular, and period costume dramas, in general, fan). I think I've read P&P and Emma every year since I was 10? On that note, the...