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    The beginning of a Silm Film Wiki of sorts?

    Hey everyone In my free time I play RPG's and someone from my local RPG group is working on this tool where you can catalogue your whole adventure, its worldbuilding and characters, and the events of game sessions. It's still work in progress, but i'm part of the tester group and it look really...
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    Miscellanous Silm Film art

    Hi everyone it's been a while *waves* I've had quite a bit to do and vanished for a bit, and then the whole pandemic didn't exactly make it much better. Anyway I've got a bit of time again and I'm catching up on the podcast, fun times. Also I've finally finished the thuringwethil thingie i'd...
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    Anyone going to the Tolkien expo in Paris this winter?

    Hi everyone Is anyone considering going to the Tolkien expo in Paris? (It's the one that was in oxford and new york before) I thought I could visit sometime this winter, somewhere around Christmas (not during, god forbid, the city will be so full of tourists) or middle of february, shortly...