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    Workshops! I know nothing about these folks.
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    The Lay of Lywood (title tentative)- on Public Houses and social structures- Casual

    Elise! I just found this (please blame my pandemic brain) and love it. The dialogue is from someone who has really thought about her position. The world-building parts make sense. I definitely want to read more!
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    Calls for manuscripts, contest opportunities DreamForge magazine
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    Calls for manuscripts, contest opportunities "Lightspeed is a digital science fiction and fantasy magazine. In its pages, you will find science fiction: from near-future, sociological soft SF, to far-future, star-spanning hard SF—and...
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    Calls for manuscripts, contest opportunities "Thank you for your interest in submitting to Deep Magic. What you first need to understand is that we aim to be the dominant magazine for clean fantasy and sci-fi stories. It’s our tag-line...
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    Calls for manuscripts, contest opportunities Core concept: 5,000–10,000 word stories featuring William Hope Hodgson’s character Carnacki the Ghost Finder in a major role. Carnacki’s general behaviour and...
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    Prompts: OmniFocus Finland Very Good dogs
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    24-hour story contest n July!

    And in January!
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    NaNoWriMo Ongoing!!

    Befriend Mythgard on Nano - that's how we'll all find each other! Not ready to commit to 50,000 words? Contribute to Mythgard's collaborative story, The Hoard! Want to do weekly Bandersnatch-style check-ins? Form here - meeting by Google Meet, I'll ask about availability later!
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    Star Trek

    Also, Amy Sturgis' Star TREK course, summer 2021. Just Sayin'.
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    Prompt!! Warm sunshine on a chill day. (feeling autumnal) Also, adding beetroot to things to make them bloody-purple-red.
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    Sunday October 11th - Open Pub at the Community Hearth!

    Sunday October 11th - Open Pub at the Community Hearth! Google Meet link: Enjoy good company, chat about books, challenge one another to spontaneous limericks - we have it all! All beings of good cheer are welcome! This week, we celebrate Salty Potato Bits and NCOD.
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    New Stream Idea - Play Me a Story

    I like this idea! To do your own straming, get a free software called OBS, wtch videos on how to set it tup to stream to your Twitch channel - that's how I got the WriterSpace times going on the SignumU channel. Meanwhile, i'm going to pass this idea along - total credit to you! - to the...
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    Signum's own fall fiction contest! five categories: - under 18 - poetry - horror - delight - wonder Anything begun on or after September 23d!
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    Just some scribbles.

    that is delicious! (who cares what I meant inside my head? inside your head is much more interesting!)
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    Chapter 29 The past of Dante

    Cryios - one of the things I admire about this passage is the obvious distress of the speaker from his nonverbal acts. it feels very rich! Is Dante trained in public speaking? Or would you consider letting some of his stress show in his diction?
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    Prompt!! The next thing you write should be based on sounds, not visuals!
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    Series concept: Writer's Toolbox

    Alice, you're going to love this: Just as I brought this idea into the Staff Room, Maggie Parke started muttering about "that idea about fan-generated podcast content" that she's been working on. Boom! If you would write to me at [email protected], I will introduce you to Maggie, who...
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    Series concept: Writer's Toolbox

    Alice, let's talk! So, do I have this right? You're reading along in a novel, la, la, la, and suddenly there's a story-wthin-the-story.... or Kris Swank has a Chance Encounter with a Poem... or I'm spelunking through a cave in France and I literally stumble across an inscribed set of...
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    The best thing I did all day

    You are kinda king of the nerds.