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  1. Richol Richards


    I nominate Georgia Moffet. Age: 33 Height: 5'2 (I'd previously nominated Joanna Vanderham, but personally prefer to save her for adult Idril instead)
  2. Richol Richards

    Young Idril

    I nominate Mckenna Grace. Age: 11 Height: 4'2" I think she is a skilled young actress and love her look for little Idril. I was particularly caught by her performance in a scene where her character is told that her mother just died, and the way Mckenna...
  3. Richol Richards


    In an effort to make our casting section a little easier to navigate (especially if you're wondering if a name has already been mentioned in connection with a role), I've decided to compile a list of the names of every actor and actress we've suggested for roles so far. This will include the...
  4. Richol Richards


    I nominate Laura Dern, most familiar to me as Ellie from Jurassic Park. Now, she is a bit older (nearly 50), however I think this would compliment a Cary Elwes Ingwë well AND offer the perk of a somewhat credible mother-daughter resemblance, should Rosamund Pike be cast as Indis (really...
  5. Richol Richards


    I nominate Emily Cox. She has played a character who is fairly stubborn and strong-willed, but also deeply concerned about the people she loves. I think this will serve well in the role of Tatië.
  6. Richol Richards


    I'm going to go ahead and nominate Keira Knightley, whom I admittedly see a bit more in the spokesperson capacity vs. the crush-on-Elwë capacity. But here she is anyway.
  7. Richol Richards


    I nominate Gemma Arterton, BAFTA and Laurence Olivier Award-nominated actress. What drew me to her as my choice was the depth of her expression and capability of delivering that ethereal older-and-wiser-beyond-physical-appearance essence that basically defines the elves. She has a graceful...
  8. Richol Richards

    Elladan and Elrohir

    I nominate. Colin Morgan (L) and Ben Wishaw (R). Both talented actors, who I think would be wonderful as elves and could work really well as the sons of Elrond, as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm thinking Morgan would be Elladan and Wishaw would be Elrohir. Here are their respective...
  9. Richol Richards

    Arwen's Mentor

    For some reason ever since this character was introduced, I've been inadvertently picturing her as played by Rebecca Ferguson. I basically have no reasoning or logic whatsoever behind this choice and we have yet to come up with a proper description of this character, but I figured I may as well...
  10. Richol Richards


    So, are we really going with the idea of making Rúmil resemble Tolkien? If so, there's always Ben Crompton. Not an exact match, but I haven't been successful in coming up with any closer resemblances. I will say, however, that long before I knew about SilmFilm I always did find that he vaguely...
  11. Richol Richards

    Fëanorian Lamps

    So, I had this thought after finally catching up on the last half of the 2-11 session: What if the Lamps were a 'failed' experiment? The reason I even have this idea in the first place is the hosts mentioned something along the lines of Fëanor regarding the Lamps with a sort of disdain, so he...
  12. Richol Richards

    Elladan and Elrohir

    I figured I'd go ahead and get things started with the twins, who will be showing up in the frame narrative: Colin Morgan (L) and Ben Wishaw (R), both of whom I think would be wonderful as elves and could work really well as the sons of Elrond. I'm thinking Morgan would be Elladan and Wishaw...
  13. Richol Richards


    It struck me that Bonnie Wright would be a decent fit for Nerdanel, especially if Fëanor is cast a little on the younger side. But even if he isn't I think it still would work. I can see her being strong and "firm of will" but gentle and patient at the same time, with an eagerness for learning...