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  1. MithLuin

    Script Discussion S05E11

    Quick reminder that this episode is likely our only chance to see Círdan this season, so we should think about how we want to make use of him, and what comments on the season's themes he might offer.
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    How to get involved with SilmFilm?

    Welcome! I am so glad to hear that you've been enjoying SilmFilm. As for getting involved, that is really up to you - what might you be interested in doing? You mentioned enjoying the casting discussion. Currently, we have a list of characters for Season 5 who will need to be cast. Feel free...
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    Weapon & Armor systems; Tactical Styles in Middle Earth

    Primarily Thuringwethil
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    Weapon & Armor systems; Tactical Styles in Middle Earth

    Part of the issue is that the Angband storyline is very light in this quite full season...and the other part of the issue is that Sauron doesn't currently command orcs (who are under Gothmog's command), so orcs answering to Sauron will be a Season 6 development. In Season 5, Sauron has his...
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    Weapon & Armor systems; Tactical Styles in Middle Earth

    I did not like the spike impaled in his arm. Nor did I think his design read as orcish (likely too upright, as Steve points out). I understood that they wanted a hero-orc antagonist, because Thorin, Fili, and Kili needed to die in the battle. But I did not particularly care for the design...
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    House of Bëor

    The stole is to represent that they are ruled by the Wise, not warriors, during this part of the story. They will have banners in Ladros, and Bëor's walking stick will be another item we see both Bëor and Andreth with.
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    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!
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    House of Bëor

    As we move closer to the Post-Season, it will become important to develop physical depictions of the objects we've been describing associated with each House of the Edain. So, one of the items for the House of Bëor will be the stole of leadership that is passed from Bëor to Adanel, and then...
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    Singer needed for Haleth

    A friend of mine is interested; she'll reach out to you shortly (I hope!)
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    Script Discussion S05E10

    Our main challenge for this evening is to come up with a cohesive storyline for Fingolfin. What is he struggling with throughout the episode that will lead up to his visionary dream chat with Olorin? We need to integrate that into his story in such a way that we are seeing the vision as the...
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    Script Discussion S05E10

    The main difference with Gondolin is that there is no precedent for executing a prisoner. Never before has an elf in Gondolin attempted to murder another elf. Nor is anyone going to discuss the 'pragmatism' of carrying out an execution. So, while we can look at examples of executions from...
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    I made it :) (Though to be fair, a friend made the star and I stitched it on.)

    I made it :) (Though to be fair, a friend made the star and I stitched it on.)
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    Script Discussion S05E10

    Here is our work-in-progress Episode Outline. We will continue to discuss this episode next Sunday March 28th at 7:30 PM EDT Tonight's discussion fleshed out the Aredhel/Maeglin/Eöl story fairly...
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    There is Providence and then there is Providence!

    I see part of what you are saying - the elves made rings of power, and so the elves must figure out what to do about those rings of power, even if what they choose is to...let other people deal with the rings of power. But I think there is a bit more to the story. We, and the Council of...
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    Session 5-27: Elves vs Men

    The next Silm Film session will be held on Thursday March 25th at 10 PM EDT. We will be finishing up our discussion of Episode 5 (which includes the passage of the Haladin through Nan Dungortheb, as well as the Frame story). Then, we will continue to discuss the different worldviews of Elves...
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    We will definitely show Emeldir surviving this season, leaving her available for any stories in Season 6.
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    Script Discussion S05E10

    I like the idea of Olorin being a messenger of the Valar (not Ulmo) to deliver Fingolfin's premonition. He would most likely appear in a dream. And prophetic messages should work on multiple levels - literal and immediate vs figurative and big picture. The message St. Francis received while...
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    Script Discussion Frame Backfill Session

    Still, Tevildo is one of Sauron's lackeys, and if we are introducing the Mouth of Sauron here to be 'shades of Thuringwethil', then why not incorporate 'shades of Tevildo' as well? Lions and Tigers are the type of powerful animals you'd expect to be associated with the Cult of Sauron anyway, so...
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    Might as well change my picture every five years or so - to a photo taken the day Silm Film was...

    Might as well change my picture every five years or so - to a photo taken the day Silm Film was announced back in January 2015 at Mythmoot III!
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    Script Discussion Frame Backfill Session

    Session 5-25 led to a significant fleshing out of our frame story and its location! Here are some of the alterations that would be necessary to incorporate into our frame stories in earlier episodes: Episode 1 - As the city-state is south of Umbar, the boat Gandalf is taking must travel...