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  1. WaverlyPontiff

    New Episodes on Apple Podcast

    Episode 157 is the last episode that was available to download, anyone else having this issue?
  2. WaverlyPontiff

    Boromir and Rivendell

    I was curious about the watch that Rivendell keeps. We know that Boromir arrives on the morning of the council and that he was unlooked for. My question is, how is it possible for him to be so close to Rivendell that he arrives in the early morning but no word of him being near had been brought...
  3. WaverlyPontiff

    End in sight!!

    I have been fiendishly catching up on Exploring the Lord of the Rings. I discovered the podcast through the Prancing Pony and since July I have gone through exploring the Hobbit and the Silmarillion seminar and am now on episode 93 of EtLoR. My question has to deal with TexMoot. I am going and...