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  1. WaverlyPontiff

    Is the Council of Elrond a One-off Event?

    That is an interesting idea. I had always thought of his councilors are people he consulted with during key events or as sounding boards when a decision had to be made. I had never thought of it as an ongoing council. Wouldn't the reason Elrond chairs the meeting is that it is his house and domain?
  2. WaverlyPontiff

    New Episodes on Apple Podcast

    Episode 157 is the last episode that was available to download, anyone else having this issue?
  3. WaverlyPontiff

    Hobbits the "ultimate" Nazgul kryptonite?

    I like this. I enjoy the imagery of Illuvatar going through paperwork and deciding that Hobbits were what was needed.
  4. WaverlyPontiff

    Merch Ideas

    That is a great idea!
  5. WaverlyPontiff

    Another conspiracy

    I had not thought of that before but it is an interesting angle
  6. WaverlyPontiff

    Update on the episode summaries!

    Thank you for that amazing labor. I have enjoyed going back and looking through them
  7. WaverlyPontiff

    Boromir and Rivendell

    Good point. I enjoyed the post that you mentioned. It sent me down a rabbit hole looking up Tharbad and its history, a great way to spend my conference period!
  8. WaverlyPontiff

    Boromir and Rivendell

    Great points thanks! If Boromir had made it to Cirdan wouldn't it be possible that he would have tagged along with the elves that came from the Havens? Anyway, I will go and look for your post. Thanks!
  9. WaverlyPontiff

    Radagast in The Hobbit?

    I meant that I was curious about Radagast and then when the council of white wizards was mentioned I was even more so. Sorry for the less than precise language.
  10. WaverlyPontiff

    Legolas - Extreme Closeup

    Definitely! I wonder if Elves squirm? I would also like to watch Aragorn's face when Boromir goes into his monologue
  11. WaverlyPontiff

    Boromir and Rivendell

    I can see both of your points and thank you for your thoughts. I guess I always imagined Boromir kind of bumbling through the wild and stumbling upon Rivendell by chance-if chance you call it. I know he is a great Captain of Gondor and the son of the Steward but I never really imagined him as...
  12. WaverlyPontiff

    Gollum Escape Theories

    Sauron could have tailed Gollum till Mirkwood and even to Moria but then lost him in the mountains. I believe I remember that Gollum was weak with hunger from being in Moria for so long without food, maybe that was long enough to throw off any tail?
  13. WaverlyPontiff

    Radagast in The Hobbit?

    I remember how intrigued I was when I first read the Hobbit about the wizards. When Radagast was mentioned I instantly wanted more information on him and the rest of the white council.
  14. WaverlyPontiff

    Star Trek

    Actually, I can see a point being made for Ferengi as a Dwarf comparison with the trading aspect. Or even Romulan, secretive, warlike, and an uneasy relationship/history with those around them
  15. WaverlyPontiff

    A Guest and To Counsel

    That's great
  16. WaverlyPontiff

    Naming a reborn elf

    That is a really good point, I had not made that connection before.
  17. WaverlyPontiff

    shadow of war

    I have off and on. I enjoy it and my 15 year old son really likes it.
  18. WaverlyPontiff

    Star Trek

    Founders as the Nazgul? They can go unseen and cause fear. Klingons as Dwarf?
  19. WaverlyPontiff

    Star Trek

    or maybe borg as orcs?
  20. WaverlyPontiff

    Star Trek

    What about Jem'Hadar as orcs?