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  1. Etholod

    Various thoughts and Questions

    In class, there has been an uncertainty about the reason for which Gandalf does not allow Bilbo to tell of his giving the Ring away. It has also been suggested that this reason is connected to the proof of the Ring's identity not being repeated before the Council. I have a theory as to this...
  2. Etholod

    Welcome to the shadowed forest!

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!
  3. Etholod

    Should I continue?

    Oh no, don't stop. They've been very useful, for me at least, and if/when a book is made, I struggle to see any other ways to compile it other than through your excellent summaries, so please don't stop. -Etholod
  4. Etholod

    So you want to be a script writer?

    Sure, that would be brilliant. In fact, that was one of the episodes I 'had my eye on'. Thanks!
  5. Etholod

    So you want to be a script writer?

    I'd love to take part, however, I don't feel I have the prowess and/or capability to be able to do so, That being said, I would love to collaborate with someone on the season 3 scripts, particularly the later episodes. I'd love to help in any way possible. Thanks -Etholod
  6. Etholod

    Expanding to other genres?

    Are you sure about that? ;) Not the sort of game I would assosiate you with!;)
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    Christopher Tolkien has died.

    Harpercollins statement:
  8. Etholod

    Christopher Tolkien has died.

    Today, A local French Newspaper has published the news that Christopher Tolkien had died. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, it would be a huge shock to all. Rest in Peace...
  9. Etholod

    Remark to last line in the first stanza of the Eärendil Poem

    An interesting thought! It's quite an intruiging line, the way the light is the subject of the sentence makes me instinctively think that the light is the 'main' part of this line (i.e. it's the one doing the emblamatic action) and that the banner's were simply having something being done to it...
  10. Etholod

    The Troll Poem and The Thinking Fox

    This was a paper delivered by Dimitra Fimi at Tolkien 2019 (during which there was much singing) which I will attempt to condense briefly (though I highly suggest listening to it for yourself. I begins discussing Tolkien's reusing of the Poem. It was originally published at Leeds as 'The Root of...
  11. Etholod

    A Note on Nobility

    Following session 106 and Ardent Crayon's thread on this fourm, I decided to quickly make this 'note' on the word "Noble'. What does Tolkien mean by it? Well, to try to answer this Question I looked at the 4 other times it occurs in the FOTR. Interestingly, 'Noble' appears only once before...
  12. Etholod

    Hit a wall

    Do you know what stage you are at in the Epic Quests? Also have you been doing ALL the Side-Quests in the Lone Lands? If so you might have just landed on a paticularly hard quest. I assume you are doing the quest which involves the Wight if so I could always help. That being said I am a lvl 120...
  13. Etholod

    Celeborn's words to Aragorn

    I don't think this belongs in this fourm. As it's related to a Mythgard Academy session and not 'Exploring The Lord of the Rings'. As I see it, this is a Fourm exclusively for Corey to find questions for the 'Exploring The Lord of the Rings' Course every Tuesday. Please place this in the correct...
  14. Etholod

    A Long-Expected Meeting? (Comparisions between Chapter 1 of Book 1 and Book 2)

    Long-Expected Meeting (Similarities and Differences between a Long-Expected Party and Many Meetings) Close Readings such as this 'Magnum Opus' being composed here are quite strange. On the one hand the book is studied in an infinitely greater detail than a simple class such as 'Mythgard...
  15. Etholod

    Anvil Of Winterstith run?

    Greetings, I wonder if there is any interest for a run of the Anvil of Winterstith at a later date? It's the only top-level Instance that can't be run solo and, from what I have discerned from Chat and various Developer Statements, appears to have quite a hefty chunk of storyline. So is anyone...
  16. Etholod

    Ambiguity and Tom Bombadil's Identity

    I agree with your principle and it makes sense 'in world' (especially if we see it as an ostensible translation from Westron). But I was always of the mind that Tolkien 'knew' or at least had an inkling to what Bombadil was: I think it was in one of his Letters where he said something along the...
  17. Etholod

    S04E02 Script Discussion

    Title: Divided we fall? It sounds cheesy but perhaps it could work
  18. Etholod

    Pacing and Chapter Titles in LOTR (The First Two Chapters)

    As I'm fundamentally unqualified for the Discussion of more complex themes in the LOTR I'm going to try to think about the Pacing and Chapter Titles, I know I haven't read the Lord of The Rings in over 2 Years but when considering Book 1 and the Little bit of Book 2 that we've 'Explored' I...
  19. Etholod

    Mini moot

    Will this be happening again? Mootcast may divert some attention but you don't need to watch it live. No Festivals are planned to be happening though. :(
  20. Etholod

    Would Frodo trust Aragorn if he was a Elf/Hobbit?

    I think No. Without mentioning all of the changes that come further down the line, it is useful to change small things to see: How the characters in our (canon) world are portrayed in a clearer light. Note:I won't be talking about Trotter and the Wild-Hobbits. If Aragorn was an elf Frodo would...