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    How do I ask Corey a question that doesn't have to do with the class?

    I sometimes listen to sessions of old classes, and something came up in a class from 2016 that I'd like to discuss with Corey, and don't know how to do that. It's a question about 20th century historical context.
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    How do I ask off topic questions?

    I've been listening to some classes from other classes several years ago, and have something I would like to discuss with Corey, in a 20th century historical context. How do I do that?
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    Boromir at the Junction of the Past and the Future?

    Discussing Boromir's speech here and in class, I tried to see the Council from Boromir's point of view. He has no experience of elves - we will see his fear about entering the woods of Lothlorien. The idea of magic and the uncanny makes him uncomfortable. He has probably met Saruman and Gandalf...
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    What exactly is Providence besides a city in Rhode Island?

    A lot has been attributed to Providence in this class, and it often makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Many important things in the story happen by serendipity, and as Aragorn says, these things can be taken as a sign sent to help him choose what path to take. He seems to believe in fate or...
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    Off topic thanks

    Since discovering this class, I've read the History of Middle Earth books about LOTR and the Unfinished Tales. But I'm taking it further - I decided I need to know what the cool kids are talking about - I just got The War of the Jewels - though I've read the Silmarillion several times, it...
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    Homework: About the Valar Not Accepting the Ring, According to Elrond

    First, if you haven't read the fascinating discussion in Flammifer's Homework post, go read it. My thoughts are much more mundane - literally, as well as in its ordinary meaning. (From "monde" meaning world.) I immediately thought about good parenting. Good parents give their children the...
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    Did I miss something?

    Is this class not happening for a while? Sorry - I found this week's stream.
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    Without A Legendarium

    I've been going over old episodes kind of at random. In several places Prof. Olsen talks about putting yourself back in 1954, reading the books for the first time. Well, I didn't read them in 1954, but in 1966, soon after the second edition was published. (I had my old Ballantine paperbacks...
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    Gandalf's concern over Frodo's danger

    Recent discussions have led me back to consider Gandalf's interrogation of Gollum as given both to Frodo and to the council at Rivendell. Thinking of this, I went back to episode 5 where you discuss Gandalf beginning to tell Frodo about the Ring, and why he starts with the danger to Frodo...
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    Gandalf's rhetorical style

    In the last class, Corey said that Gandalf probably didn't think of melting the butter out of Butterbur while he was riding towards Bree in despair, but is using humor in telling the tale to the council. This helped me clarify something that came up in another discussion, about Gandalf reporting...
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    About Aragorn's broken sword

    I've listened to all the episodes. I started months ago, and haven't listened in order, but started with the parts I like best, and doing a few at a time. I've listened to many of the episodes more than once. Sometimes I've talked or shouted at the screen, so I'm very glad you are now on...