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    GoToWebinar tech help

    I'm having an issue with the iOS app on my iPad and iPhone. GoToWebinar refuses to use any of my blutooth speakers or headphones as an output. All of my other apps connect to them just fine, so I know there's no issue with the devices or headphones/speakers. Does anybody know why GoToWebinar is...
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    Ring transfers

    I've just become intrigued by the question of ring-transfers in a whole new way. It is repeatedly said that nobody ever gave up a ring of power willingly, except Bilbo. This cannot be true: 1. The One Ring, yes, this appears to be the case 2. For the nine, we might presume this to be the case...
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    Morgoth's Ring forum

    I don't see a forum yet for the new Mythgard Academy class on Morgoth's Ring. Am I missing it somewhere?
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    Breaking down the dream poem

    (Disclaimer - I'm the one who questioned whether it was necessary to break the poem down into smaller parts.) I want to elaborate on that a little more. It wasn't that I wasn't interested in how the poem might be broken down based on various clues. It's that Tolkien deliberately chose to set...