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  1. Harnuth

    Cast vs. Forged Sword Blades

    This technical note could be more important to the Simfilm project than Exploring the Lord of the Rings, but I'm guessing this might be a good spot to post one of my pet peeves. It's something they kind of got right in LOTRO, and completely wrong in the films. In both The Lord of the Rings...
  2. Harnuth

    Hearth and Table will be offline for a while

    Hi everybody!! This is Crystal. Harnuth's computer had a disastrous failure and it might be quite a long time before he can get back on line. This means we won't be able to attend class in LOTRO and Hearth and Table won't be able to play music before class. We can still watch on the web...
  3. Harnuth

    Tuesdays, Servers, and Music

    Oops. I had a plan here, but it's not gonna work.
  4. Harnuth

    Harry at the Gate

    Quite some time ago, I asked about Harry the Gatekeeper's villainy and where Tolkien tells us that he was among the bad guys who plagued Frodo and the guys in Bree. I still cannot find any reference in J. R. R. Tolkien's work that indicates that the Bree gate-keeper was associated with any part...
  5. Harnuth

    All That is Gold Does Not Glitter (song)

    I don't know if Corey wants to refrain from replying to threads in the Questions-for-Corey area or not, but I'm guessing it'll be easier on him if we continue discussions over here, so here I am! ) Wow Steve, this seems to be one song that must be written. It could go in several directions, so...
  6. Harnuth

    Education in 3D Virtual Worlds

    The topic of education in 3D virtual worlds has been haunting my mind ever since Prof. Olsen mentioned that the fellow from the New Hampshire state board of education asked if he were doing anything in 3D worlds. The field trips in Corey's "Exploring Middle Earth" in LOTRO are a great example...
  7. Harnuth

    Preparing for Angmar

    This came up in class last night, in the discussion while we were riding around Bree-land. It's important so I thought we'd better write it down. We're a few weeks away from the class field trips to Angmar in LOTRO. If you want to participate in those, you'll need to have completed a quest in...
  8. Harnuth

    Great Realms of the Silmarilion

    Tyrion Upon Tuna I tried to stop myself. Really, I did!
  9. Harnuth

    Of Men and Hobbits

    In tonight's (January 23, 2018) class, some interesting questions came up about how to build for a town where Men and Hobbits live side-by-side. I thought there might be some amusement, at least, in showing you my solution for the interior of the "Hearth and Table," an inn similar in function...
  10. Harnuth

    Did Sam tell Merry and Pippin about the One Ring?

    From the discussion in class on June 20, 2017, I got the impression that Merry and Pippin already knew about the One Ring before the hobbits arrived at Crickhollow. Merry certainly seems to imply this when he reveals the spy ring to Frodo. However, upon reading for the eleventy bazillionth...