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  1. NancyL

    Comedia Kickstarter

    La Divina Commedia – The New Manuscript by George D. Cochrane — Kickstarter
  2. NancyL

    New Dracula Kickstarter Project

    I just signed up for the hardcover book, but thought i'd share:
  3. NancyL

    Unfinished Tales: Gifts of the Valar to Men

    If long life is an odd gift for the Valar to give to Men, what would be an appropriate gift(s)? 1. Don't ban men from the Undying Lands. The "one forbidden thing" is a classic trope that is guaranteed to cause problems. Why not just put a PSA on it? "Spending time in the Undying Lands is...
  4. NancyL

    Morgoth's Ring: Feanor in the Halls of Mandos

    We like to enjoy Feanor's doom to be stuck in Mandos till the end of Arda, but after listening to the Customs of the Eldar it struck me: why would Feanor (of all elves) consent to return to Valdemar at all? Are we talking about the same Feanor? But then I thought ... well maybe not. I've...
  5. NancyL

    Modern Readers

    Professor, have you ever published your opinion about modern readers and the way they look for people who look like them in order to relate to the work they are reading? You've talked about it several times during Mythgard Academy courses and I found it very interesting. I'd like to be able...
  6. NancyL

    Faramir/Boromir's Dream

    When Faramir started getting his prophetic dream, he and Boromir were in/near Ithilien fighting a losing battle which ended in the destruction of the bridge of Osgiliath. This means the two had ample opportunity to discuss what the dream was, what it meant, how much/whether they believed in its...
  7. NancyL

    Warden Gambits 101

    I got into a chat the other day with people who were saying that "Warden is too hard". I responded that, by converting Gambits into Key Strokes, you could do the half dozen you use all the time into 2-3 keystrokes. Attached is the result. Notes: 1. Before Level 21 you should focus on...
  8. NancyL

    Arwen's canopy at the feast

    I remembered something about canopies at a feast from Ivanhoe. I checked and they did have a T-shaped table with a cloth of gold canopy at Cedric the Saxon's feast at the beginning of the book, but it was only to keep the rain off the table. LOL
  9. NancyL

    Gandalf and the sliver of morgul blade

    Before the morgul blade faded away, the group noticed there was a sliver missing. And yet, to Frodo, Gandalf makes a fairly big deal about the fact that HE "always suspected that there was a sliver still in the wound." Why him? It's not like Aragorn and/or Sam wouldn't have mentioned the same...
  10. NancyL

    About those boulders ….

    Hooray! I've gotten into the 100's at last. And I have two short and one long comment/thought/question: Short #1: Boulders … don't you think that the horses would be more frightened by the rumbling/grinding/vibration of boulders than the appearance (but no aroma) of other horses? Would that...
  11. NancyL

    Still catching up, but ...

    I've only just gotten out of the Barrow Downs and a couple things struck me that you might want to comment on that I haven't seen elsewhere: 1. The way the hobbits were laid out on the slab reminded me of old burial customs where the leader was buried with his servants/wives/horses/goods/etc...