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  1. NancyL

    Comedia Kickstarter

    La Divina Commedia – The New Manuscript by George D. Cochrane — Kickstarter
  2. NancyL

    The titles of Wizards, and the business of The Grey

    5 Wizards ... 5 Elements? Air - Blue (1) Earth - Brown Fire - Normally Red, but since Gandalf served the secret fire, his color would be the grey of ash from which a fire could be woken. Water - Blue (2) Spirit - White
  3. NancyL

    The titles of Wizards, and the business of The Grey

    I can't tell if the color designations were something they chose for themselves, whether their Valar sponsors chose them, or whether they were something they just picked up along the way. I'm leaning towards the second option, but only because Saruman clearly resents his color after he's...
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    New Dracula Kickstarter Project

    I just signed up for the hardcover book, but thought i'd share:
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    Unfinished Tales: Gifts of the Valar to Men

    If long life is an odd gift for the Valar to give to Men, what would be an appropriate gift(s)? 1. Don't ban men from the Undying Lands. The "one forbidden thing" is a classic trope that is guaranteed to cause problems. Why not just put a PSA on it? "Spending time in the Undying Lands is...
  6. NancyL

    Way back in episode 59

    Maybe i'm having a film-flashback, but I thought the shards were stored in Rivendell in the "when the king returns" box. PS - Welcome! I just finished catching up so I know all about posting about ancient episodes.
  7. NancyL

    Morgoth's Ring: Feanor in the Halls of Mandos

    We like to enjoy Feanor's doom to be stuck in Mandos till the end of Arda, but after listening to the Customs of the Eldar it struck me: why would Feanor (of all elves) consent to return to Valdemar at all? Are we talking about the same Feanor? But then I thought ... well maybe not. I've...
  8. NancyL

    Modern Readers

    Professor, have you ever published your opinion about modern readers and the way they look for people who look like them in order to relate to the work they are reading? You've talked about it several times during Mythgard Academy courses and I found it very interesting. I'd like to be able...
  9. NancyL

    Fieldtrip feedback: The seven sword quest

    Zalarod, it was 7 to the dwarves (and 7 stars and 7 stones for the Numenorians), and 9 to the men, but the stories of the 7 swords had a definite "ring like" feel to them. One wonders if there were other cursed items given besides rings and swords.
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    Wizards and (false) prophets

    I think this is an excellent idea for further thought, especially since we'll be doing the Inferno next. False prophets are in the middle of the 8th circle after all. ;)
  11. NancyL

    The One Where the Archivist Babbles On About Paper Preservation

    When I was an engineering student, the professors told a story about how Roman engineers were required to stand under their bridges when the supports (used during construction) were removed. ;) BTW - Also when I was an engineering student, I worked part/full time at the State Archives. (The...
  12. NancyL

    Various thoughts and Questions

    I'm not sure, Flammifer. I believe Gandalf intended to go, and was probably figuring that anything could happen on the way and he wasn't going to borrow tomorrow's trouble today. But in the end it turned out that his intention was not destined to happen. Somewhere, somehow he was going to...
  13. NancyL

    Various thoughts and Questions

    re: 1st Question: I think, Flammifer, that Gandalf fully expected to be by Frodo's side at the point of throwing the ring in.
  14. NancyL

    An effect of betrayal

    I have a new Head Canon: Incorporating a Maia into a human-ish body makes them crazy. Two Blue Wizards: Instead of doing their job they disappear into the East. (My favorite theory is they end up in Japan and create bonsai.) Radagast: The most recent edition of Beyond Bree contains a...
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    <Signaling a turn> There were two interpretations of Denethor's attitude toward Gandalf discussed during the session: snarky/prideful or focused on the future fight with Sauron . I think there is some evidence for a third (or perhaps a blending of the two): Denethor is sliding rapidly toward...
  16. NancyL

    Faramir/Boromir's Dream

    I agree fully Flammifer. After I realized that the brothers had a lot of time to discuss this, I understood that the issue of Faramir going was raised, debated, argued over, arm-wrestled, mud-wrestled and finally decided before the two ever discussed it with Dad. They would have had to have a...
  17. NancyL

    Faramir/Boromir's Dream

    When Faramir started getting his prophetic dream, he and Boromir were in/near Ithilien fighting a losing battle which ended in the destruction of the bridge of Osgiliath. This means the two had ample opportunity to discuss what the dream was, what it meant, how much/whether they believed in its...
  18. NancyL

    Warden Gambits 101

    The forum didn't like Excel, so I had to convert to jpg. The "builders" file is a list of the keys the game gives you to build with. I define each with a letter. The "gambits" file shows how you can use these keys to generate any gambit.
  19. NancyL

    Warden Gambits 101

    I got into a chat the other day with people who were saying that "Warden is too hard". I responded that, by converting Gambits into Key Strokes, you could do the half dozen you use all the time into 2-3 keystrokes. Attached is the result. Notes: 1. Before Level 21 you should focus on...
  20. NancyL

    Arwen's canopy at the feast

    I remembered something about canopies at a feast from Ivanhoe. I checked and they did have a T-shaped table with a cloth of gold canopy at Cedric the Saxon's feast at the beginning of the book, but it was only to keep the rain off the table. LOL