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  1. Nicholas Palazzo

    Urgent note about 4/8 SilmFilm Session

    There is a link for the new Silmfilm Session this evening. We're working on getting it out, but message me if you see this first.
  2. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E11

    Ok, due to Easter and scheduling conflicts, this session is tentatively set for 4/18 at 7:30 PM Eastern. This is the season's "Deep Breath Before the Plunge". We'll be following Fingolfin's journey from Eglarest to Himring as he tries to get everyone onboard for "The Big Push". Meanwhile...
  3. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E10

    Hey guys, trying to get ahead of this one, scheduled for 3/21. The primary story here is the flight of Aredhel and her slaying at Ëol's hand. Secondarily, we're doing the double wedding and Fingolfin's vision/premonition. Connecting these would be pretty easy if Fingolfin is present for the...
  4. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E09

    Hey, this is late in coming *again*. This episode's main storyline will focus on the romance of Aegnor and Andreth. My recollection is that they more or less fall into it over time rather than any kind of "Love at First Sight". We're also wrapping up the story of why the Dwarves aren't...
  5. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E08

    Hey, in this session (which will be held on 2/7 @ 8:30 Eastern), the Bëorians return! Adanel is old and getting Andreth ready to take over, and we get the second Bëorian migration. Also, Aredhel is trying to reassert her relationship with now-young-adult Maeglin, who gets a field trip.
  6. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E07

    About time I post this. Our discussion will take place at 8:30 PM Eastern on Sunday, January 24. This episode is going to center around the Council of Estolad, including Amlach's role and Sauron's role in doppelganging him. Also, we will have Maeglin growing up and Aredhel being restricted to...
  7. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E06

    This one is going to be on Jan 10th, @ 8:30 PM Eastern. This one is going to involve the escape of Rhogrin, the Great Cat Hunt of Brethil, and the Rise of Hador. Finally! An episode with some pre-established story!
  8. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E05

    This should have been put up a while ago, for which I apologize. Most of my SilmFilm time has been tied up with other matters. This discussion will be Sunday night @ 8:30 Eastern. This episode is going to focus on the arrival of the Men of Estolad (later the House of Hador) and the Haladin's...
  9. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E04

    Ok, we have some time before this one. Contrary to popular belief (mine), this will be on December 6th @ 8:30 PM Eastern. We are introducing a new cadre of human characters here, as the people of Haleth emerge in the Stockade Battle. We are also going to get Eöl and Aredhel travelling in this...
  10. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion Frame Backfill Session

    This discussion is set to take place on 15NOV2020 at 8:30 PM Eastern, unless something happens. We will resume our regular schedule on 29NOV2020 as long as everyone's holiday schedule allows.
  11. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E03

    Here we go again! This episode's script discussion is currently slated to take place at 01NOV2020 @ 8:30 PM Eastern. Keep your eyes peeled for the appropriate links to participate. The planned A-plot of the episode will revolve around the death of Beor, the B-plot, the romance of Aredhel and...
  12. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E02

    Well, we have an season outline now, so might as well get started talking about episode two! Sunday October 18th, 8:30 PM EDT As before, stay tuned for participation info, and feel free to PM if you don't have an invite but want one. In this episode, we're going to be handling Aredhel's...
  13. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S05E01

    We're back! The script discussion for the season 5 premiere is scheduled for October 4th @ 8:30 PM EST. We're still working out the logistics, but keep an eye on this subforum for participation instructions. Also, whether out not you intend to participate live, feel free to leave any...
  14. Nicholas Palazzo

    Volunteer Casting Call for SilmFilm-related project

    Hi, so I need two volunteers for a secret project. I need two female voices, an elf (age not super important, but not very young) and a human (character is in her early to mid-thirties). Neither experience nor accent required. Please PM me here if you are interested.
  15. Nicholas Palazzo

    Nan Elmoth

    I recall some discussion of this looking like the forest in Princess Mononoke.
  16. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S04E13 Finale!

    So, while searching for more gainful employment, I have been working a temporary position at the ungodly hour of 7AM. This has me up at 5 AM this Saturday morning. I was wondering if we could push up this week's discussion by an hour or so. If not, I'll be fine, I'll just have to make sure I go...
  17. Nicholas Palazzo

    S04E11 Script Discussion

    So... about tomorrow night. As some of you are aware, my wife and daughter got pretty sick on the way back from China. That, and not sleeping much for nearly a week between the trip and caring for the two of them caused me to eventually succumb myself. I'm afraid that I must beg your kind...
  18. Nicholas Palazzo

    Whoops! Script Discussion S04E10

    Sorry for the late start folks. Started up a Skype call. Anyone who wants in let me know!
  19. Nicholas Palazzo

    Script Discussion S04E09

    So this one is going to be a bit challenging logistically, as YouTube has changed how they do this. Let me know if this link doesn't do anything for you or if you need an invite.
  20. Nicholas Palazzo

    S04E08 Script Discussion

    No link yet, but for the purposes of streamlining our discussion, the script fairies have decided to get some preliminary work done here where more folks can have input. This is primarily going to be about what our primary conflicts are going to be. To kick this off I figured I'd go through the...