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    Welcome to the shadowed forest!

    Just checking in on this: is there any update on the timing of when this might start? Apologies, have been very detached from everything for a while as I got a puppy.:)
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    Books of Gene Wolfe?

    *restarts juggling lessons* *masters three ball flash*
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    Divine Action

    Good point, Flammifer; I am a bit pirouetting on a pin here, I suppose. Another pirouette: what sort of first time reader? One who is reading in 1955, or one who is reading in 1977? For the former reader, Manwë does not exist in LoTR; for the latter Manwë exists but is not referred to.
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    Divine Action

    I think Prof C was talking about action actually occurring in the tale, not a tale within a tale. Although either is a reasonable interpretation of C’s comments. But “nope” regarding the Wind from the West seems a bit overeager in tossing out a very interesting narrative moment: it is certainly...
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    Divine Action

    There are a lot of references to ICYCI -- "If chance you call it". (Maybe those references themselves are just chance.o_O) Seeming-chance may refer to the Valar acting, and certainly dropping the E-bomb brings in some actor outside nature, in the sense of either Aquinas "beyond the order...
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    Books of Gene Wolfe?

    *cancels juggling lessons*
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    Books of Gene Wolfe?

    Just happened to see this message. I am the Official Keeper of the Gene Wolfe Flame around here, except insofar as there is nothing official about it, I don't keep anything or do much at all, there's no actual flame although I am thinking about getting one, and so forth. I have proposed Book...
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    Arwen's canopy at the feast

    Under a canopy, a fair sight to look upon like bright eyes remembering the light of stars faraway smooth flawless crown of gems did gently sit thereupon the soft golden crispiness of Arwen's rare canapés.
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    Isildur's Bane

    Another question. Elrond says early in the council: "But soon he was betrayed by it to his death; and so it is named in the North Isildur's Bane." It is interesting that Boromir challenges whether the "bright ring in the Halfling's hand" is the correct ring. But he does not question the...
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    "to be rid of the name of thief that was put on me"

    My gut says this primarily refers to Gollum screaming "thief" at Bilbo as he escapes to the dwarves out of the mountain past Gollum. But no one was there to hear Gollum. If so, Bilbo internalized Gollum's criticism, which suggests that the legality/legitimacy of ownership/possession of the...
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    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms

    I was in the habit of checking out books from my middle school library, whose collection was as small, and the stacks about as short, as you would imagine. Mostly now-long-forgotten tripe. My mom said, “every other book you read should be something that really feeds your mind.” And she pointed...
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    Why so secret, Rangers?

    The point about the Istari being likely lumped with Sauron (fooled me once) is an incredible one to think about: I have the vaguest recollection that G & Co. first showed up at the Grey Havens and if I were Cirdan, rather than giving him a nice ring, I would have probably shouted “burn the...
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    Hobbit Summer Camp?

    Not sure where to ask this question. Not sure if I have missed any announcements, or what is going on, but I suspect that, with the cancellation of a lot of summer camps for a lot of kids this summer, that there may be more demand for Hobbit Camp this year than usual. Does anyone know when...
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    Production Babies

    Flammifer and Lawler presently have a really excellent and quite "illuminating" bicker going on in the thread Spells Have Always Been Cast. As Lawler said a few hours ago, Prof. Corey has mentioned that the medieval view of light and sight was that it was cast out from the eyes, and that...
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    About those boulders ….

    There is most definitely and definitively such a thing as a white horse!: I have personally seen three of them, in Uffington, Greenwich Village, and Oxford, and have spent probably more time than was good for me at the latter two. And congrats on getting into the 100s. I'm still at 76, in...
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    Aragorn’s Heirlooms

    They also do not mention Isildur’s heirloom tomatoes, for much the same reason I suspect that the Gaffer keeps a bit mum, uncharacteristically, about his prized heirloom potaters.
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    Things you were totally confused about

    upon first reading. For me, at least, and your mileage may vary, there was a wide variety. I did not know that Strider and Aragorn were the same person. It's true. I was quite young and had poor reading comprehension and grooming. My graduate school had a course book store, the U-store...
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    Spells have always been cast

    It would be interesting to know if the sub-meanings 1-9 above can also have the same words applied across them in other languages. In German, to cast a shadow uses the same word for throw, werfen (as Italian does, gettare); and you can say meine Kleider abwerfen, to cast off my clothes. I...
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    The sword that was broken

    I once had a phrase I said incorporated into a song by a largely unknown band that dissolved shortly thereafter. Bilbo and I should form a club.