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  1. Etholod

    S04E02 Script Discussion

    Title: Divided we fall? It sounds cheesy but perhaps it could work
  2. Etholod

    Pacing and Chapter Titles in LOTR (The First Two Chapters)

    As I'm fundamentally unqualified for the Discussion of more complex themes in the LOTR I'm going to try to think about the Pacing and Chapter Titles, I know I haven't read the Lord of The Rings in over 2 Years but when considering Book 1 and the Little bit of Book 2 that we've 'Explored' I...
  3. Etholod

    Mini moot

    Will this be happening again? Mootcast may divert some attention but you don't need to watch it live. No Festivals are planned to be happening though. :(
  4. Etholod

    Would Frodo trust Aragorn if he was a Elf/Hobbit?

    I think No. Without mentioning all of the changes that come further down the line, it is useful to change small things to see: How the characters in our (canon) world are portrayed in a clearer light. Note:I won't be talking about Trotter and the Wild-Hobbits. If Aragorn was an elf Frodo would...