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  1. Ennikan

    I hate to post this here but...

    Can't seem to figure out where else, or if you are aware. The podcast hasn't updated in ages. We're stuck on 125. I can't use YouTube, so I can't continue. Hoping you are aware, is there a fix coming?
  2. Ennikan

    If it's a spiritual battle, then let it be so.

    A lot of talk around the issue of tactics and the riders 2 sets of 2 riders not advancing. Corey came down that the first two simply could not make it into the dell, likely due to the strength of the Tale of Tinuviel. The second two were stopped by Frodo's speaking Elbereth as well as possibly...
  3. Ennikan


    I have been catching up on both Exploring LOTR and the Silmarillion series. (I'm another person who has binged on 64 episodes in like 3-4 weeks! Hope to join a live session soon.) Glorfindel's character always puzzled me, because we read of his death in the Silmarillion, but he later appears at...
  4. Ennikan

    Re-reading the series - how many times? :)

    This looks like the proper social forum to post this, so hopefully this isn't out of bounds. I'm sure the Tolkien die-hards here have re-read LOTR a crazy amount of times just like myself. When I get into a discussion about Tolkien with friends or family, the issue usually comes up, and I'll...
  5. Ennikan

    Gandalf receiving a message in the Shire

    Hello, I'm new here and just started listening to the series. Really enjoying it. Wanted to ask a question even though you are long past it, hope that is okay. Before Frodo leaves, Gandalf receives a message that disturbs him, and so of course he goes off, planning on being back for Frodo's...