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  1. Karita Alexander

    Hair and Makeup

    I thought we could use a separate space for hair and makeup, so as to not clutter up the costume threads too much. I'd love to see drawing or photos (original or curated) of the hair and makeup looks for our cast. The hosts have asked how "weird", or how much like the x-men we want the Valar to...
  2. Karita Alexander


    There was some concern over the idea of the capture of Nessa coming off a bit as a shallow stereotype of the helpless damsel who does nothing for the story except as something for the good guy and bad guy to fight over, show off the fighting skillz of the hero, and then be awarded as a trophy to...
  3. Karita Alexander


    Ungoliant is high up on my list of favorite Tolkien characters due to her being weird, unexplained, and genuinely scary. While it would be easy to do the obviously-evil-crazy-lady thing (think Bellatrix Lestrange as played by Helena Bonham Carter), I think we should cast the pre-giant spider...