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  1. ramz711

    Sindarin word-nerdery

    I'm listening to the recording of the latest class, and I'm afraid I can't let a mistranslation slip by unacknowledged (since nerding out over Elvish seems to be what I do here). Minas Eriol isn't "Tower of Dreams;" it's "Lonely Tower." Cf. Erebor (Lonely Mountain), Tol Eressëa (Lonely Isle)...
  2. ramz711

    Mythgard RP!

    You've probably all heard me blathering on in comments on Facebook and on Bingo nights about kinship RP. Well, it's finally starting this Monday, January 9! For anyone who may be wondering what role-playing is, to put it simply, it's basically improv acting with other folks in order to tell a...