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  1. Frosty of Forochel

    About Thorondor’s size

    I wonder if however big he is made it can be such that when flying at his usual height he casts a shadow with a 30 fathom wingspan. That way it pays homage to the recorded size while still being workable.
  2. Frosty of Forochel

    of melting and magic and metals

    I had never considered the melting of the shard before, but I now see it as a kind of prefiguring of the eventual destruction of the Ring: the power of the evil that can only be broken and unmade by melting. and just as in that case, Frodo heals, but with lingering lasting effects. But the...
  3. Frosty of Forochel

    Petty dwarves nomenclature

    there was much discussion about the term "petty dwarves". I agree with where it sort of landed, and the use of the term Exiles. But I wonder... what if some, perhaps not Elves but Men, referred to them as "the pitied dwarves"? This has the fun of playing with the role of pity in the...
  4. Frosty of Forochel

    On the passing on of Narsil

    I have three thoughts regarding the forging of Narsil and its eventual handing off to the line of Elendil. First, let's look at the etymology. Apparently the name Narsil means "red and white flame", and possibly references the light of the sun and moon. We should take this into account both to...
  5. Frosty of Forochel

    Regardind the beating heart

    The mention of Goldberry's heart beating led to some interesting discussion, but it also led me to think about heartbeats as rhythm. For someone as rhythmic as Tom Bombadil, of course he would notice something like the beating of a heart! I wonder, does Goldberry's heart beat in that same...
  6. Frosty of Forochel

    Of Marineers and Flammifers

    I dud some research on the etymology of "mariner". The word derives from the French "marinier". I could find no English usage of "marineer", but given the French as well as English words like "mountaineer" which follow similar etymology, I suspect Tolkien coined it himself. As far as the use...
  7. Frosty of Forochel

    Looking vs searching

    frodo's correction of "looking" to "searching" led me to investigate the etymology (always a good idea when the author is a philologist). "Look" means simply to use one's eyes to see. So for the Riders to look for Frodo would be to stop when they see him. As they have no visible eyes, this may...
  8. Frosty of Forochel

    Hobbits and hats

    this time around, Frodo's thought of leaving like Bilbo without even his hat jumped out at me. That is the detail of Frodo having a hat. I guess in the back of my mind I know hobbits wear hats (certainly the shirrifs do), but I never pictured Frodo in a hat. I am now left to wonder what kind of...
  9. Frosty of Forochel

    Pronunciation clarification

    In a recent discussion from Chapter 2, we came to the name Sméagol and you gave an explanation for pronunciation that didn't sit right with me. Indeed, it seems a name like Thráin that you seem unsure of pronunciation from one moment to the next. You seemed to settle generally on SMAY-ah-gol...
  10. Frosty of Forochel


    I can't recall whether the decision was made to introduce the palantiri in season 2 or not, but either way this is a relevant question: what size are they? I seem to recall the stuff in Unfinished Tales suggesting that the palantiri were of different sizes, at least the ones brought to Middle...
  11. Frosty of Forochel

    Arkenstone made by Feanor?

    The question was raised what Feanor could make to prefigure the silmarils. Why not the Arkenstone? It would relate it in a way to the silmarils as a nod to its origins and yet keep it distinct. The other possibility is Aule himself makes it and puts it at the heart of the mountain. This gives...
  12. Frosty of Forochel

    New to the project: ideas and issues

    Been listening, almost all caught up now. First time on the boards. But I'm left with a few nagging issues. 1) What is the name of this show? Is it just called The Silmarillion? Does it gain a new title when we move into the third age, a la Archie Bunker's Place? Forgive me if this was...