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  1. Bre

    September Silmarillion Art Challenge

    So I've been wanting to draw more First Age stuff, and I've also been itching to do another month-long drawing challenge, so I decided to combine the two. September is usually reserved for Swordtember in the art community, but I'm doing this mainly for my own personal reasons, so whatever...
  2. Bre

    Bre's Ridiculous Beleriand Map

    So I while listening to last night's episode, I suddenly remembered the existence of this map that I made over a year ago. It's too big to upload here, but you can view a bigger version HERE. Do with it what you will
  3. Bre

    Muppets The Hobbit

    Woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to record a podcast about adapting The Hobbit into a Muppet moves (circa Christmas Carol and Treasure Island). I have walked through this life continuously wondering why Disney keeps trying to make a Muppet TV series happen, when they could just be...
  4. Bre

    Bre Draws Elves

    I have a a lot more of these in the works that are all hovering at about 90% done, but I'm filling iffy about the designs, so I'm just going to post them here as I finish/re-do them, starting with the Teleri at Falas. Yes, I'm posting this is in the season two forum section, but really all...
  5. Bre


    Dwyane Johnson - IMDB The perfect combination of wrestler and jolly. Bonus: I quickly photoshoped some blond hair on him (worst photoshop job ever; I don't caaaaaare), so now he fits the textual canon: EDIT: WAS CHOSEN; OK BY EXECS
  6. Bre


    Rosairo Dawnson - IMDB Her dark skin and hair give her a nice earth tone, whichbodes well with Yavanna's Gaia/Tree motif. She has a mature but natural face, that while serious, easily breaks slips into a smile, which fits booth the somber and lively aspects of Yavanna's personality.
  7. Bre


    Lucy Liu - IMDB Strong cheekbones, starry eyes , and other angular facial features complement star design motif of the character. Her dark hair also can easily blend in with a starry field. An older actress with a ageless/goddess air about her, who conveys strength and authority. EDIT: WAS...
  8. Bre

    Art Streams?

    Would anybody be interested if I were to start having a scheduled art stream once or twice a month where I work on Silmarillion concept art? I've been posting some of what I've been working on in the costuming thread, but I don't post everything. Also, I thought maybe having a set time with an...
  9. Bre

    SILMARILLION REFERENCE - Call for Volunteers

    The Silmarillion is a big story with lots of characters, locations, and items, all with their own unique attributes, spanning not just the text of The Silmarillion itself, but all the draft texts as well. To make things more simple, and to provide adequate reference for all designers and...
  10. Bre

    Casting: Ethnicity and Migration Patterns of the First Age

    Before getting to the specifics of who should play who, I think it's important to determine genetic similarities between the cultural and family groups present in The Silmarillion. Not only will this help unify casting decisions, but it will make us more aware about including an appropriate...