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  1. Haerangil

    Bombadil costumes

    As you know i am not always completely up to date withnthe current state of the silmfilm seasons... As i like to look back on the earlier material sometimes. This might seem odd but, did we ever talk about Bombadils looks? I mean, the Tom we all know and love , we kniw what he looks like... but...
  2. Haerangil

    Finrod's companions

    This season we're gonna see Finrod's companions. Any ideas for them? We know they're possibly the elite of Nargothrond, but they're gonna die soon... In my headcanon i always equaled them to the seven Samurai, only they are actually ten! I don't suppose we will get lines of dialogue for all...
  3. Haerangil

    elves, character sketches

    some old character sketches of our early elves i drew..
  4. Haerangil

    Storyboard S1 Eps2

    had some time, updated new Storyboard (again without Frame!... Frame will evtl follow in own thread someday?):
  5. Haerangil


    Just listening to the latest silmfilm podcast... I think i already had pointed out Gmork, and the team seems to love him too. I also showed the giant wolf from rampage i think: Fenris has some nice scenes with Hulk... There also was a giant Lykan in Underworld, a giant wolf in 300 and...
  6. Haerangil

    Alatar and Pallando

    Did we ever discuss casting any of the Blue Wizards? I guess not as they so far never had a major part to play but... in theory we should have seen them in the first season somewhere among the Valar's posses, shouldn't we?
  7. Haerangil


    I have a problem /question: I started to download pictures of our actors, or to be honest, my dreamcast which isn't 100% always who we chose for the roles... To be able to remember who our characters are Then i started to do faceswaps so i could better imagine what the cast would actually...
  8. Haerangil

    pre-numenorean settlement of Eriador and later Arnor

    This is more a comment than an outright question so far, but i feel that a question or even a number of questions may arise from it. We do know there were a few of different groups of men living in Eriador whenmthe Numenoreans returned to middle-earth, unfinished tales mentions thatbthey...
  9. Haerangil

    Post-Arthadan Eriador?

    I started to rewatch some of Coreys streams, what i always realized was that he seems to judge the age of structures always far older than i would normally do. I get the idea that, "Oh those were elves, dwarves or numenoreans,,they had techniques that just magically made their structures last...
  10. Haerangil

    A call for help!

    Hi there! I have recently come to a bitter, but i think, inevitable, decision... My health in decreasing and it may well be ,that i'll very soon have to spend a long time in a hospital, i do not know when i'll be able to return and continue to work at my beloved home projects... This will...
  11. Haerangil

    Morgoth's and Sauron's creativity

    I've been listening to the second-last podcast where Corey argues that Morgoth and Sauron are both about power, creation, rule and order and says he is convinced that Melkor would still tell to himself that everything needs to be torn down to be able to create anew from scratch... Now, with all...
  12. Haerangil

    Noldorian camps in Mithrim

    Hi there! Listening to your podcst I noticed some dissent about the nature of the noldrian War-camps in Mithrim, and I think I can help shed some light on the Situation... As I have explained before Fingolfin and Feanor could easily have had a comlete Host (including women and children) of up...
  13. Haerangil


    One thing ive stumbled upon while listening to the podcast... What about horses? As far as i can see the Sindar do NOT have horses yet in season 4? Right? Do the dwarves have ponies? Or will they be given to them later, maybe by men? As asign that both cultures have started to 7nteract and...
  14. Haerangil

    houses of gondolin heraldry

    arms i found... A bit more imitating Jrrts elf-sigil style... Google on pinterest and tumblr
  15. Haerangil

    the early men

    The last podcast gave me some trouble... The hosts have brought up the question of how the early hildor look like, again not only talking about ethnic diversity but also possible sub-races like (proto)-hobbits and Druedain (why not giants also? Or beornings..). We already did decide that we do...
  16. Haerangil

    early men

    I do not know if early men will appear in season 3 or if we wait until season 4 to introduce them, but the topic of mannish clothing and armor came up in conne tion with elvish military in the named thread.
  17. Haerangil


    I think our trolls should get a thread on their own, just as with the orcs i tried to collect some quotes... So far: I have not found a lot yet on how trolls look like, but there seem to be various ideas what they might be... i think we could have different sorts of trolls and even...
  18. Haerangil

    What ever happened in Hildorien?

    I originally wanted to post this in the threat about overlapping storylines, but then i realized it could make sense to make this a topic on its own. Even if the events at cuivienen might never qctually happen on screen, or if they do maybe only in the next season, we seem to need to have an...
  19. Haerangil

    Unalligned Characters

    As i see it we have come to a point where we'll have to make up some secondary characters at a point, just because maybe otherwise some of our main characters will be alone and have no dialogue partners... So i guess instead of inventing names we could use some characters from the legendarium...
  20. Haerangil


    I have realized i had started to spam other topics with my ideas about this character, so to avoid any further distraction i now give him his own topic. As Faelivrin has pointed out Gondolin goes through various stages, i always wanted to try to preserve what i liked about the lost tales...