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  1. Octoburn

    SilmFilm: The Adaptation: The Audio Drama

    A (not entirely) brief preface. I have loved the Silmarillion from the first time I read it. It is something altogether different than anything I have ever read. Even vastly different from the Bible to which it is often compared. The first copy I owned (the silver paperback with the Anime-style...
  2. Octoburn

    The (Unofficial) SilmFilm Organization Project©

    So, I have been in and out of activity for right at two years on the SilmFilm Project. The last time I came back, I came to realize that one of the main reasons I have drifted out of it at times has been the organization, or ease of access to the information in regards to adaptational...
  3. Octoburn

    Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica

    Has anyone else read this series by James A. Owen? Really fun fantasy romp that takes place in the early 20th century. The premise is that all imaginary worlds are real, and exist in a place called the Archipelago of Dreams, where some literary geniuses have served as the guardians of the...
  4. Octoburn

    Catching up: Seven Stars of Arnor

    I've been trying to catch up on these since binging the SilmFilm seasions. I am only on episode 46, so someone may have addressed this already. I usually skip the "field trip", both because I listen on Podcasts rather than watching on YouTube, and because I have yet to play LOTRO. But I still...
  5. Octoburn

    Prophecy of Huan

    I don't think there is really a proper place to ask these questions, so the first episode of the current season's thread seems most appropriate :p I have yet to read all of this season's scripts. Is Huan featured much at all? I remember discussions about him during season 3, but don't remember...
  6. Octoburn


    Hi! I am new to the forums, and fairly new to the Project itself, only starting to listen a few weeks ago. I am currently near the end of season 2 (and the sets/props forum for seems closed for some reason) I was listening to session 2-23, and heard the question posed of where Feanor got the...