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    Unrecognized borrowings

    Before we leave Anduril and Sting behind, I wanted to point out that Tolkien is borrowing from Norse legends again in plain sight. Many will recognize the story of the sword broken and reforged by the original owner's descendant as the story of Gram ("Wrath"), Sigmund's sword in the Volsung...
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    Another perspective on the Orc problem

    Most people have heard of Dungeons & Dragons these days. It used to be a weird pastime of geeks only, though it inspired a few Reefer Madness panic type movies in the mainstream. Decades later it has become pretty much mainstream itself. The modern idea of 'orcs' of course has been shaped by...
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    The "other side" from another perspective.

    The post "Impact of the Ring on the Wraith world" has lead me to go ahead and post something I considered but was reluctant to mention because it looks so far ahead. I don't think there is any reason to think that the Ring itself had any "impact on the wraith world" because it's not the "wraith"...