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  1. Ilana Mushin

    "Don't let me forget this idea..."

    I know this is way ahead of where we are with the script but I have an image in mind that I’d love to be incorporated if possible. When the Eagles rescue B&L, they fly over Gondolin but Luthien is too busy crying and Beren is unconscious so neither of them see it. I’d love the POV to switch at...
  2. Ilana Mushin

    Radio adaptation

    Could there be some discussion about the radio adaptations of Tolkien sometime? My go-to adaptation is still the 1981 BBC LoTR, which at the time I loved because I thought this was a brilliant way to dramatise Tolkien and leave scope for my own visual imagination. Different choices are needed...
  3. Ilana Mushin

    Pronouncing ‘NGoldor

    Having just received NoME as a Xmas present my Christmas holiday goal is to catch up with the Mythgard class in time for the next class, reading the book along with the class. In class 2 or 3, the issue of how to pronounce Noldor with the late spelling (tilda above the N) came up. Tolkien does...
  4. Ilana Mushin

    Finally caught up!

    Hi all. It's taken me most of the past year, many walks and drives and cleaning the house, but I've finally caught up to the real time SilmFilm developments. I've been a lover of Tolkien for more than 40 years and have read pretty much everything by now. So it has been wonderful to be able to...