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  1. Sparrow

    Chatter, news, and recipes

    Liza Gold wanted to pass on this link to a delicious event: a conversation between Neil Gaiman and Susanna Clarke-
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    Workshops! I know nothing about these folks.
  3. Sparrow

    Calls for manuscripts, contest opportunities Core concept: 5,000–10,000 word stories featuring William Hope Hodgson’s character Carnacki the Ghost Finder in a major role. Carnacki’s general behaviour and...
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    NaNoWriMo Ongoing!!

    Befriend Mythgard on Nano - that's how we'll all find each other! Not ready to commit to 50,000 words? Contribute to Mythgard's collaborative story, The Hoard! Want to do weekly Bandersnatch-style check-ins? Form here - meeting by Google Meet, I'll ask about availability later!
  5. Sparrow

    Sunday October 11th - Open Pub at the Community Hearth!

    Sunday October 11th - Open Pub at the Community Hearth! Google Meet link: Enjoy good company, chat about books, challenge one another to spontaneous limericks - we have it all! All beings of good cheer are welcome! This week, we celebrate Salty Potato Bits and NCOD.
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    Signum's own fall fiction contest! five categories: - under 18 - poetry - horror - delight - wonder Anything begun on or after September 23d!
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    Folks, I've been using DuoLingo more regularly during Sparkling Isolation. Please feel free to befriend me there - my moniker is Glaiseun, and I'm currently studying Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, and German.
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    Writing Together Opportunities!

    Folks, we've brought WriterSpace online - it's encouragement, wrist stretches, and a few shake-up-the-brain games. All times are in Eastern. On the weekends, WriterSpace is sponsored by the Mythgard Institute (thank you, Mythgard!!) Every Saturday, 9am-10:30pm - Every Other Sunday, beginning...
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    Endless March Endless Escargots The homunculi running project Gutenberg an unexpected shield an unexpected laundry...
  10. Sparrow

    Who's in for NaNoWriMo 2019??

    I'm Glaiseun on NaNo, planning to write the story of a young man who is messed up, but a librarian saves his soul... Because librarians are super heroes.
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    More Prompts!

    October 14: Lying across the doorway....
  12. Sparrow

    Prompt for October 7th!

    One shoe - a left shoe - a red left shoe.
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    MiddleMoot: October 12th!

    MiddleMoot is coming in Iowa! Does anyone need to coordinate rides or accommodations?
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    Prompt for September

    Begin with something incredibly tiny. Fruit fly or smaller.
  15. Sparrow

    New England Moot: September 29, 2019!

    Amherst, Massachusetts! Arrange carpooling here :)
  16. Sparrow

    Prompt for August 26

    A scene from your life... but you were not the main character.
  17. Sparrow

    Prompt for August '19

    What you found when you cleaned off the desk!!
  18. Sparrow

    Also, I'm trying again in July for Camp NaNo -

    Think I can beat my 0 word count from April? Want to join me?
  19. Sparrow

    24-hour story contest n July!

    Very low ($5) entry fee, they send a prompt -
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    Signum Eagles Proofreading Team!!

    Yes, it's the next fabulous co-curricular activity at Signum! Join the Signum Eagles Proofreading Team at Distributed Proofreaders (the folks who volunteer to proof documents for Project Gutenberg!!!) Go here: Look...