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    Spotify Question (not sure where else to post)

    I have been following asynchronously on spotify. The last week posted was 213 on 1/16. Have you abandoned spotify. As of 1/31 Spotify is current. Thank you
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    The poem Past and Future jumping the gun 2

    In writing jumping the gun 1 I realized Verse 1 and 2 each contain two thoughts about the past Verse 3 and 4 each contain two thoughts about the future Verse 5 and 6 each start with a thought about the past and end with a look to the future The above does not say why this structure but it is...
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    Past and Future jumping the gun 1

    I know I should wait and listen to tomorrow's class which I won't be able to do until next Sunday or whenever it is posted but I cannot wait. Reading the 5th verse: I sit beside the fire and think of people long ago, and people who will see a world that I will never know. It is classic what...
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    Kind as Christmas

    A kind day.
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    If I am spared

    In episode 210 lots of talk about Bilbo saying "if I am spared" in reference to writing the second book and his realization of how old he is. One concept that was not raised is whether Bilbo may be realizing as Gollum realizes that if the Ring is destroyed his life might end with it. If he has...
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    Look foul and feel fair

    This post has two parts. First, I celebrate that after starting a journey in March I have now listened to all episodes of Exploring LotR. Note I started with the Council of Elrond which is my favorite chapter in Fellowship and have mostly stayed current but then went back and listened to...
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    Prof vs Council of Elrond

    Just catching up on discussions. In session 10 there is a discussion of Prof's motives and a comparison is made to Tolkien and the Council of Elrond in looking at Prof's ends justify the means philosophy. In this discussion Prof is compared unfavorably to "The Wise." While I understand and...
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    Moon is a Harsh Mistress God fights on the side of the side with the best artillery

    Prof asked what bible Manny was reading it is the bible of Napoleon who said “God fights on the side with the best artillery,”
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    Moon is a Harsh Mistress Thinking Computers

    Just listening to the Moon is a Harsh Mistress discussion. I think it is really interesting. In case anyone is interested I thought it would be worth pointing out that Asimov's Robot series had introduced thinking and talking computers to the sci fi crowd and started to deal with some of the...
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    Elrond Episode 190 Turin

    Professor how could Elrond have been referencing Turin's actions at the battle of Dagor Dagorath while naming Turin as a great elf friend at the Council. He would not know about this as it had not happened and great though his lore may be and far sighted as he may be this would seem beyond him.