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  1. Emerwen

    An original song for Gates of Summer

    Happy Gates of Summer to all the Gondolindrim here! Here's an original song written by my fellow fans and I in tribute to the fair Ondolindë and its heroic people. Enjoy! Heed the Call-Tarnin Austa 2021 Organizer: LyraChloe Lyrics: Alessar/LyraChloe (English) and Nierninwa/Emerwen (transl...
  2. Emerwen

    Oh, that one. Finrod's hairstyle in the 2014 proshot tho

    Oh, that one. Finrod's hairstyle in the 2014 proshot tho
  3. Emerwen

    wow!!!!!this is amazing!!!!!!

    wow!!!!!this is amazing!!!!!!
  4. Emerwen

    where did you get that tunic!

    where did you get that tunic!
  5. Emerwen

    Call for Singers - The Light of the West

    Hi Phillip, Do you have any requirements on diction? For example (for those of us from North America), do we drop the r when singing? Also, should we pronounce everything as clearly as possible (like when you are in choir) or should we make it natural and folky?
  6. Emerwen


    Ah, sorry, didn't know that he was cast. Gonna go find out who that actor was...
  7. Emerwen


    In terms of facial appearance, we probably can't have him more good-looking than Finrod or Finarfin.
  8. Emerwen


    One thing I realized yesterday: since Eldarin women put a lot of creative energy into children, it is no wonder that Nerdanel, a sculptor, should have a child who is "of beautiful bodily shape". So I suppose Maedhros would probably have the classical sculpture type of body, well-proportioned in...
  9. Emerwen


    Question: Has Tolkien ever commented on Maedhros's face anywhere? From what I remember, his comeliness primarily comes from his beautiful bodily shape (and auburn hair I guess), and not from beautiful facial features (like Finarfin and Finrod). Of course, not saying he should be ugly, but...
  10. Emerwen

    Inclusion of queer characters?

    Nah, I'm actually suggesting *not* reducing characters (especially minor/original ones) to stereotypes, whatever culture or time period that is. I'm not saying gender should be taken out of how they are presented on screen; I'm saying that there should be more to each character than the norms of...
  11. Emerwen

    Inclusion of queer characters?

    Sounds pointless to say it, but it essentially means that we should not get lazy with characterization (which I certainly do NOT see this show doing) and substitute personalities with gender stereotypes. This will be easy for major characters, but we need to be especially careful with...
  12. Emerwen

    Comedy...Do we have it and if so, how?

    No, we certainly don't want to trivialize any of the Feanorians or reduce them to buffons. They should be the source of some comic relief, but they are not laughing stocks themselves...for the most part. Although in the Beren and Luthien poem, it's hard not to find Celegorm and Curufin...
  13. Emerwen

    Comedy...Do we have it and if so, how?

    The House of Feanor should provide some comic relief. I mean, Feanor said things like "Let them sa-si if they can speak no better" (although I'm not sure if this line will be in the show); Curufin whispered "Orodreth is a dullard slow" in Celegorm's ear and had his tongue hanging out of his...
  14. Emerwen

    Inclusion of queer characters?

    First serious post. I know this is from 3 yrs ago but thought I'd throw in my two-cents anyway. In addition to including LGBTQ+ characters in the show, there's something else we can do to make it less heterosexist and more LGBTQ+ friendly: to tone down the gender essentialism in Tolkien's works...
  15. Emerwen

    Singers wanted

    Hi Phillip, I know I missed the Oath of Feanor but if you still need singers in the future plz count me in. I'm a classical piano major, not a great singer but been in a choir for most of my life. If you ever get the inclination to write piano compositions for this project in the future, I'd be...
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    Dies Irae

    Omg yes definitely
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    The Light in the West (Demo Version)

    also beautiful voice!
  18. Emerwen

    The Light in the West (Demo Version)

    I love it! Very sun-shiny.
  19. Emerwen

    So you want to be a script writer?

    I am very much tempted to give S3E07 a shot. Not sure if I can write the whole thing on my own, so any assistance is welcome.