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  1. mdmnmdllr

    Announcing the Eighth Annual Symphony of Light!

    Event Announcement: On Friday September 22, 2017, the Sons of Numenor kinship will host the 8th Symphony of Light! What is it? What do you need to do? Simple. Show-up for however many hours you can be in-game between 8 p.m. EST and about 12 midnight EST (on the Landroval server). Being a...
  2. mdmnmdllr

    [Question] Who are your 'Grouping' toons?

    The main purpose of this topic is to find out who's interested in running 'group' content, and what toons each of you have available, and where they're located. It would also be a good opportunity to find out when - what time of the week, what hours - you are best able to play. For sake of...
  3. mdmnmdllr

    [Welcome] Running LotRO Group Content ... the Mythgard Way!

    Welcome indeed! So you want to learn more about LotRO's group content - from instances to raids, big battles, even roving threats and warbands - how they work, how to navigate them, and maybe do them in company with your kin? You've come to the right place! So here are a few guidelines to...