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  1. Flammifer

    "Look not too far ahead! But go now with good hearts!"

    I think it would be better to say that Faramir is far more of a spiritual guy. I don't think we have much evidence that Boromir is not a spiritual guy. He is spiritual enough to believe in the Divine Dream, and make many sacrifices to follow its instructions.
  2. Flammifer

    "Look not too far ahead! But go now with good hearts!"

    Hi Blad, I like your observations about Sam in connection with 'going with good heart'. I'm not so sure about your thoughts on Boromir. I think that Boromir is full of estel upon the leaving of Rivendell. From his perception, God spoke directly to him and Faramir in a dream. He obeyed the...
  3. Flammifer

    Is Boromir on-board with the strategy when the company leaves Rivendell?

    Good question. I think that Boromir is on-board with the strategy as he perceives it. But he perceives a different strategy from the one perceived by Elrond. Elrond (and Gandalf) seem to be working on the strategy of trying to read the course of events so far. They believe that Divine...
  4. Flammifer

    Stick-at-naught Strider

    I think the confusion comes from the two different meanings of the word 'stick'. The word can mean 'stop', as in 'drive fast or you will stick in the mud'. The word can mean 'keep together' (or keep going,) as in 'if you want to learn the piano, you will have to stick at your practicing'. If...
  5. Flammifer

    Stick-at-naught Strider

    Yes. I don't think that English English speakers would misinterpret this phrase. Just as 'Dreadnaught' (A famous name for many Royal Navy battleships) means 'dread nothing', 'stick at naught' means 'hesitate at nothing'. A 'stick at naught' will dare anything. It could be a compliment...
  6. Flammifer

    Rope- why is only Sam thinking of it?

    Sam's family were ropers. His great grandfather, Hob Gammidge the Roper (Old Gammidgy) might have been the first roper in the family. In Sam's lifetime, his eldest uncle, Andwise Roper of Tighfield, was head of the roping business. It might be that Sam's family connection to rope makers made...
  7. Flammifer

    "Mesopotamia" in NoME

    The class seemed somewhat baffled by the parenthesized comment (Mesopotamia) which is a parenthetical to the parenthesized (it originally included Minhiriath). Confusion arises if 'Mesopotamia' is considered as a geographic reference. It is not. It is a purely linguistic reference...
  8. Flammifer

    Long Term Plan?

    When it comes to ELOTR, one has to be in it for the journey, not the destination.
  9. Flammifer

    Mate of Orcrist

    Perhaps they were 'mates' only because they lived together for a long time in the Troll horde? How the heck did they get there? Although, as Jon Markloff suggests, the Goblins seem to associate them as 'Beater' and 'Biter'. Why? Did they make a tremendous impression on orcs during the battle...
  10. Flammifer

    Boromir's reaction to Elrond

    It is precisely because Boromir is practical that we know he believes that the Dream is a Divine Dream. Nothing other than absolute faith that the Dream was in fact Divine, would compel such a practical and pragmatic man to leave his army in time of war and venture on such an unclear quest. A...
  11. Flammifer

    Boromir's reaction to Elrond

    The evidence for a belief in a Divinity in Minas Tirith is clear. Boromir was willing to leave behind his responsibilities as General of Gondor's army, and travel 400 leagues and 110 days on a quest to answer what he clearly believed was the Divine Dream sent to him and Faramir. Had he not...
  12. Flammifer

    Boromir's reaction to Elrond

    Well, yes, this is not the only way to interpret Boromir. However, I think the parallel to Joan of Arc is interesting. Both receive a divine dream. Both do their best to honor it. Both Joan and Boromir die not knowing whether France or Gondor will be saved. But both die knowing that they...
  13. Flammifer

    Boromir's reaction to Elrond

    There are many ways that Boromir's response to Elrond can be interpreted. Here is one interpretation (not the only one possible, but one that was not really brought up in class). When Boromir says to Elrond, "Maybe. But always I have let my horn cry at setting forth, and though thereafter we...
  14. Flammifer

    Broad-bladed axe and long white knife – #219

    If the hilt of Legolas' knife is white, there are several materials from which it could be made. The most common, however, is ivory (was ivory back in the day). If ivory, then most probably the hilt of Legolas' knife is made from the tusk of an oliphaunt.
  15. Flammifer

    A thought on Output

    I suggest possibly adding a section called "Forum discussion" (if there was any) after 'Episode Summary' in the layout mockup.
  16. Flammifer

    A real world equivalent for "Ranger"

    Yes, The Shire might have evolved into some sort of feudal system after the fall of Arnor, if they were exposed to threats and dangers. However, thanks to the Rangers, they were not often exposed to these conditions, so the social structures of The Shire as we know it were able to develop.
  17. Flammifer

    Is Aragorn going forth to die in battle?

    I think that Aragorn is prepared to self-sacrificially die if that should contribute to defeating Sauron. But I don't think he is 'setting out to do so'. His name is Estel. He hopes that the West will emerge victorious, and that he will become King, marry Arwen, and live happily for a long...
  18. Flammifer

    A real world equivalent for "Ranger"

    Well, the definition of 'tribe' is somewhat uncertain and fluid. The most common definition amongst anthropologists (though disputed) is that a 'tribe' is a social or kinship group being hierarchically larger than a lineage or clan, but smaller than a chiefdom, nation, or state. How JRRT would...
  19. Flammifer

    A real world equivalent for "Ranger"

    Aragorn is 'Chieftain' of the Dunadain, and also 'Chief' of the Rangers. Gandalf to Butterbur, on the new King, "He's Strider. The chief of the Rangers." Two different titles for two different roles. To think that the title 'chieftain' implies 'tribe' seems to me a very circumscribed (and...
  20. Flammifer

    A real world equivalent for "Ranger"

    I don't think they exactly see their group as a tribe. And I don't think they call their people 'Rangers'. When Aragorn's kin refer to themselves as a people, they call themselves Dunedain. As when Gilraen says, "I gave hope to the Dunedain, I have kept no hope for myself". When Faramir asks...