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    The Unspeakables - Harry Potter fan fic

    So I started reading Harry Potter for the first time recently (having only ever seen the films). Several decades later than most of my peers I got the urge to write Harry Potter fan fic. There are some key questions that, having finished the books, I still wanted answering. Clear mysteries that...
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    Comic books

    Comics. Graphic novels. Call them what you will. Have any ever been in the mix for Signum study? As an avid fan/reader/collector I often find them the overlooked stepchild of literature. A theme that unites many of the areas of study when it comes to Mythgard selection. Has anything from this...
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    Inspiration for Future Storylines

    Just came across some of Tolkien’s original concepts that never really made it into any official published part of the legendarium which I think we have the opportunity to honour in upcoming seasons